100 Hours of Humo(u)r – Hour 96: The Room Race

By Dave Fox

100hours-logo8We entered the classroom and everybody laughed.

“WRONG ROOM!” a middle-aged lady shrieked from her student desk. The seven or eight others all appeared Chinese Singaporean, the majority ethnic group here.

I looked at Kattina. We looked at our paperwork. “Classroom one,” it said. Same as the number on the door.

“Is this Mandarin class?” I asked.

The women all laughed again, louder.

“WRONG ROOOOOOM,” their spokeswoman howled again.

It did seem odd that a roomful of ethnic Chinese women would be in a beginning class for Singapore’s official Chinese dialect. “What class is this?” I asked.

“KOREA!” the lady squealed.

Pissed off, I had to concede, she was right. Wrong room.

We closed the door behind us. The ladies’ howls faded behind us as we set off in search of the right room.

“What the hell was up with that?” I asked Kattina as we walked.

“I guess white people can’t learn Korean,” she said.

We walked down the hall, and found our Chinese class.

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Published on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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