A King’s or Queen’s (Even a Jack’s) Calling

Travelling the World as a Competitive Poker Player



Poker is a card game that many have grown to either love or criticize. At present, it has made a recurrence as an online game that’s played by thousands, if not millions worldwide. With that said, would you believe that perfecting that poker face could mean you traveling the world?

spn-pokerProfessional poker is not a “career” that is cut out for just anyone. Travelling the world is a dream that most desire, but only a few get to really do it. Put these two very challenging endeavors together and you know it’s no walk in the park at all. Using poker as an avenue to travel is a challenge that a few brave souls undertake, and even fewer who really excel in. As world-renowned card specialist Daniel Negreanu puts it, “I never really chose my career, it just kind of happened. By the time I was 22 years old, I knew I’d never ‘work’ a day in my life.”Choosing a profession is more like following a calling. However, imagine reading a statement such as this one: “Fancy a trip to play in the WPT Montreal? You could win a MASSIVE $5,000 package only with PartyPoker!” That announcement is a recent post on Partypoker’s Twitter feed. With that, choosing to be a professional poker player can be quite enticing.

“A high-risk, high reward situation” – now that can be the best phrase to describe being a professional poker player. Succeeding in this cut-throat world of felt tables and poker chips means you have to really be dedicated. Professionals like Shannon Shorr, Katrina Jett, and Marvin Rettenmaier have proven that.

2012’s Bluff Magazine Player of the Year Rettenmaier is the best recent example of how dedication is important in this certain industry. “Winning BLUFF Player of the Year has been a goal of mine for two years now and I am really happy now that I’ve won. It being such a last minute win made it even sweeter,” Marvin was quoted saying during an interview with Bluff Magazine.

Shannon Shorr is also a pioneering poker player who has proven that following a career that involved full houses and royal flushes can lead to loving another endeavor, and that is travelling. “It’s true. I’ve become hooked on travelling.” Shorr shared in an interview by “After (the World Series of Poker-Europe event), I was supposed to go home, but then I decided spontaneously to go on a backpacking trip through Europe. It was really just on a whim, but I really fell in love with it.”

And as successful World Series of Poker veteran Katrina Jett explains in an interview with, “I’m really happy about my choices because poker has allowed me to do what I wanted to do, which was travel the world. I knew that I wanted to get into some type of profession that would allow me to do that.”

In conclusion, the aforementioned poker professionals became successful with their poker-slash-travel careers because they faced the uncertainties and just dedicated themselves to do what they wanted. Things are easier said than done, yes that’s true. But such a philosophy is generally applicable to whatever dreams you want to achieve. So risk it. It may not be poker, it may be another career. The point is you work for it and not regret not having to do it.

Published on Monday, August 27, 2012

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