Drinking to the Debates

By Dave Fox

I attempted during the vice presidential debate last week to play a drinking game. Every time a candidate used the phrase “Main Street” — the most dreadfully overused metaphor for mainstream America ever since the economic crisis reached its peak — or “a heartbeat away from the presidency,” I would take a large swig of beer. Unfortunately, those were not the buzz words to drink to during the VP
debate. I stayed disappointingly sober. As Tina Fey showed us on Saturday Night Live’s debate recap, “maverick” was the word to drink to.

This past Tuesday when candidates squared off against each other, I didn’t waste my time with drinking games. It was my 40th birthday. I just drank. As it turned out, however, I could have gotten dangerously loaded if I’d had a drink every time the phrase “my friend(s)” was used. John McCain said it 22 times. Debate moderator Tom Brokaw said it once.

Speaking of Tom Brokaw, the former NBC Nightly News anchor provided some needed comedic relief at the end of a rather dull 90 minutes. As the debate ended, Obama and McCain walked to the center of the stage to shake hands. Unfortunately, the center of the stage was right in the way of Brokaw’s teleprompter. Brokaw shifted nervously in his chair, jostling for position, and finally said to the candidates, “…You’re in my way of my script there, if you will move.”

ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! YOU’RE TOM FREAKING BROKAW!!! VETERAN NEWS ANCHOR EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! Have you totally lost your ability to ad-lib? Wing it for a moment and let the boys give each other a hug!

Published on Thursday, October 9, 2008

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