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Online Writing Courses Whenever and Wherever You Have Time!

What’s the coolest place you can think of to take an online writing class? All you need is an Internet connection and you can dive in from anywhere in the world. (That’s me in the photo, typing up a lesson while floating down the Mekong River in Vietnam.)

I’ve been teaching my online humor and travel writing courses for a while now as structured, six-week workshops. My students love them and we have a blast, but three things have kept some people from signing up: time, money, and a crushing dread that they can never be a successful writer and/or humorist.

To tackle the time and money issues, I’m excited to be unleashing new versions of my online writing classes in a value-packed, budget-friendly format. Unlike before, you can now begin the courses whenever you like, and complete them at your own pace rather than contorting your time to fit my class schedule.

And that third item on the list? The crushing dread? It stems from a myth that great writers are born with a “gift” the rest of us don’t have. Writing and humor are skills anyone can learn. No matter what stage you’re at, I can help you become a stellar, more confident humor and/or travel writer. (The humor course is great for public speakers too!)

Budget-Friendly Versions

These new courses aren’t just cheaper than the old versions. They’re crammed with lots of new stuff. My original lessons were sent out as articles to read. The new courses include both written lessons and nearly identical MP3 audio downloads. You can listen to each week’s class while driving, exercising, cooking, showering, knitting, skeet shooting, sitting on an airplane, or making sweet, sweet love to whomever happens to be laying next to you on the kitchen counter. (Just be sure you moan their name, not mine. People get touchy about things like that.)

Deluxe Versions
For a more intensive tutorial that will put you on the fast track to sparkly writing awesomeness, you can purchase add-on critique packages. I’ll go through your stories line-by-line and offer constructive, detailed advice. I’ll help you polish your tales, hone your skills, build your confidence, and discover your unique writing voice.

The Globejotters' Lounge

Both the budget and deluxe editions include six months of free access to the “Globejotters’ Lounge,” our new online writing community with message boards and chat rooms. You can meet fellow students from around the world, share your stories for peer critiquing, and offer feedback to others in the class. As you critique your online classmates, based on the weekly lessons, you’ll learn to spot and fix common weak spots in your own writing. The lounge is also a place where you can share tips and resources, ask me questions, or just hang out and have fun.


Great! Where do I sign up?

“Professional Humor Tricks for Writers, Speakers, and Other Misfits” and “How to Write Extraordinary Travel Tales” are both on sale now. Other courses are coming soon. For full details, follow the links in the next section.

Professional Humor Tricks for Writers, Speakers, and Other Misfits

Humor writing online courses

Discover the techniques professional comedy writers use to write consistently, exceptionally funny material. This six-week workshop will teach you how to think, write, and be funnier. (You will not learn how to smell funnier. You must figure out that part on your own.)

Each week’s lesson will offer techniques and exercises to help incite maximum laughs. Dave will help you discover your unique writing strengths, develop your own voice and personal style, and identify and fix common mistakes that might be holding you back from being as funny as you can be.

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How to Write Phenomenal Travel Tales

Globejotting-Online-Travel-Writing-Class-283x146Geared toward beginning and intermediate travel writers, this six-week course focuses on a specific type of travel writing: the personal travel tale. We’ll start with a crash course in how to write lively and meaningful travel journals. Then, we’ll craft those “rough draft” diaries into polished stories we can share with friends, put in a blog, or publish professionally.

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Personal Writer Coaching

Dave Fox - Sri Lanka - balloon notes 3Dave is as passionate about helping other people become great writers as he is about being a writer himself. Whether you need help with the mechanics of writing, professional issues such as working with editors and understanding copyright laws, or with common mental challenges such as writer’s block, productivity, and even Attention Deficit Disorder, Dave’s personal writer coaching via Skype, phone, and in person will help you supercharge your skills to become a bolder, more confident, more successful writer.

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More Online Writing Classes Coming Soon!

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Dave is also available to speak in person to groups of any size on a variety of writing and travel topics. He also offers hilarious, customized keynotes for special events. He is currently based in Singapore but travels frequently to other parts of the globe. For more information, please e-mail him at [email protected]