Cyber Monday: Great Deals for Writers!

Cyber Monday has begun!
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Hi. I’m Dave Fox. Welcome to the Globejotting Cyber Monday sale for writers!

SONY DSCDo you dream of becoming a successful writer? Are you feeling stuck, or unsure about how to achieve your writing goals? Are writer’s block, time-related challenges, self-doubt, or an easily distracted mind stifling your writing productivity? Whether you need guidance on the mechanics of writing, the writing business, or the unique emotional challenges that are common to writers, I can help.

Today Only: $40 Coaching Sessions!

Today only, the first five people to sign up for an introductory coaching session will pay just US $40 for a one-hour consultation – half off my normal single-session rate. Once the first five sessions are sold, the price will bump up a little bit, to $50 — still a great deal. (Limit one coaching session per person at these prices, but you can buy more than one session and give them to others as gifts. If you decide you’d like more coaching after our first session, you can purchase single sessions for $80 per hour, or three session packages for $195 — $65 per session.)

You can learn more about how I can help on my Writing Coach page. 

As of right now, there’s still a slot still available at the $40 price.

(Click the above “Buy Now” button to get this deal. If you have problems with this link, please e-mail Dave.)

After your first session, if you would like some ongoing coaching, you’ll have the option of purchasing a package of three additional sessions for $195 ($65 per hour). There will be no high-pressure, manipulative sales pitches though! I promise!

Be One of the First Five to Buy a Globejotting Travel or Humor Writing Course and Get a FREE Coaching Session!

Also today, the first five people who purchase any version (even the budget-friendly $89 version) of my online travel writing or humor writing course will receive a totally free coaching session! (Again, limit one per person but you can buy multiples as gifts.)

This deal is still available!

To take advantage of this offer, sign up for the course of your choice on the humor writing or travel writing page. You’ll receive an e-mail confirming your free coaching session within 24 hours. 


How Writer Coaching Works

We can talk via Skype or phone – at an hour when your time zone is awake – or in person if we’re in the same place. (I live in Singapore and I’ll be in Seattle next month! Drop me an e-mail if you’d like more info.) To find out more about the sorts of things I can help with, visit

How Long Does This Sale Last?

I’m in Singapore … and I want to include everyone’s Monday! So this sale began at 8 a.m. Monday morning, Singapore time. (Sunday evening in the Americas). It will Monday night at 11:59 p.m., Honolulu time. 

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But remember, you must be one of the first five to purchase a coaching session to get the $40 price. After the first five people, the price will go up to $50. And the free coaching sessions that come with the online writing classes are only available to the first five people.

Become a more skillful, more productive, more confident writer!
You’ve got one life in which to accomplish your dreams.
Writer coaching can help you get there!

Got questions? Send me an e-mail.

Published on Monday, December 2, 2013

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