Black Friday Coaching Sale

Make 2020 a happy and productive year with double discounts on Writer Coaching and Life Coaching!


Have you thought about your vision for 2020? Sorry … that’s a bad pun, but groans aside, how is your year ahead looking?

If you’ve got goals for the coming year but you’re not sure how to make them happen, or if you’re feeling stuck in areas of your life and you want to kick off 2020 with a solid plan for getting unstuck, I can help.

It’s time for my annual sale on both life coaching and writer coaching – with extra savings on my already discounted prices.

These new-client deals are available on a first-come, first-served basis to the first ten people who sign up. When I ran this sale at this time last year, these discounted sessions sold out fast.

Current and past clients can also take advantage of discounted coaching packages. Keep reading for details.


Discounts for New Clients

If you have not done an introductory session with me before, I’m offering an additional 20 percent discount on my already-discounted, first-session price. Instead of paying US $50 for your first hour, you’ll pay $40. 

In your first session, we’ll get to know each other, talk about your goals and/or challenges, and plot your next steps. After that, if you’d like to continue working with me, you can take advantage of an extra discount on one of my already discounted, multi-session packages. My usual package discounts offer a significant savings off of my single-hour rate of $85. These year-end double discounts make it an even better bargain.

  • Save $25 on a five-session package. Instead of $375, you’ll pay $350. ($70 per hour.)
  • Save $40 on a ten-session package. Instead of $690, you’ll pay $650. ($65 per hour.)

(If you’d like to sign up for a package of sessions, all you need to pay for now is your initial $40 session. You will then be eligible for the above multi-session discounts for 14 days after your first appointment.)

Discounts for Current and Past Clients

If you’ve already done an introductory session with me, you’re not eligible for the $40 single session, but you can purchase a five or ten-session package at the above discounted rates. For current and past clients, this offer is available until January 3, 2020.)

If we’ve worked together in the past and you’d like to do a single-session check-in to get refocused, drop me an e-mail and I’ll give you a deal on that as well.


How to Sign Up for Your Introductory Session

1)  Choose your payment method. If you have a US bank account, payment via e-mail transfer (Zelle) is appreciated as it saves me the PayPal fees, but if for any reason you prefer to pay with PayPal or a credit card, that’s absolutely fine!

  • To pay for your first session via e-mail bank transfer / Zelle from a US bank account:
    Send your payment of US $40 to [email protected], along with a note that it’s for coaching.
  • To pay for your first session with a credit card or PayPal:
    Click the “Buy Now” button below.

  • To sign up for a multi-session package: Please e-mail me and I’ll send you an invoice.

2)  Schedule your session on my online appointment calendar. (If you’d like to grab one of the spots at this promotional rate but you’re not ready to schedule your appointment, you can pay now to save your spot, and schedule your appointment later.)

If you’re ready to sign up, just follow the instructions above. (And if you’d like to know more about my qualifications and approach to both life coaching and writer coaching, keep reading.)


Who and How I Coach

I work with people on a variety of issues including:

  • Reducing anxiety and negative self-talk.
  • Overcoming procrastination and distraction.
  • Navigating big life changes
  • Guiding expats through the cross-cultural and personal challenges that come with international living.
  • Helping writers up their game – write better, write more, write confidently, and get published.

I coach people all over the world via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and phone. I live in Vietnam but offer hours to accommodate people in a wide range of time zones.

If you’re in Ho Chi Minh City, I’ve got an office in District 2 (Thao Dien) for in-person appointments.

My Coaching Qualifications and Style

I’ve been coaching writers for more than two decades on the craft, business, and psychological aspects of writing. In 2017, I received my Life Coach certification from the US-based Transformation Academy and expanded my practice to help people struggling with productivity and procrastination, life transitions, negative self-talk, and anxiety.

My coursework has covered topics such as goal achievement (the psychology behind why some people succeed at their goals while others others don’t), how to discover one’s life purpose, and the science of happiness.

I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Techniques or CBT (the relationship between life events, the ways we interpret those events, and how those interpretations trigger positive or negative emotions) and Co-Active Coaching (the philosophy that we have the answers within us, but we don’t always know the questions that will lead us to those answers).

When it comes to writer coaching, I’ve worked with writers of all skill levels, across a broad spectrum of genres. Some people come to me seeking help on a specific project. Others want to improve their overall skills and writing style. Some are seeking a better understanding of the freelancing business and how the publishing industry works. And some are wrestling with psychological challenges such as writer’s block and self-defeating perfectionism.

Regardless of people’s reasons for seeking a coach, I do all I can to create a safe, encouraging, non-judgmental, and completely confidential environment for my clients to explore their true selves. I’m not here to judge. On the contrary, I love helping people free themselves from their own negative self-judgments. When we learn how to pursue a life that’s authentic to our passions and values, a space opens up that enables us to achieve great things.

If you’ve got big goals you want to pursue in the year ahead, or if you want to make 2020 a breakthrough year in which you overcome personal challenges and live a life that’s more authentic to who you are meant to be, I’d love to help you.

Ready to get started? Sign up now before all the discount slots have been claimed and get ready for an exceptional year ahead!

Got questions? Send me an e-mail.


Published on Monday, November 25, 2019

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  1. Erin Goedhart-Stallings
    November 14, 2018 at 6:46 PM

    How exciting, Dave! In the many years we’ve known each other, you have proven yourself to be a clear-headed, compassionate, helpful friend. I think it’s great that you’re moving into this field and your clients will be lucky to work with you! All the best, Erin

  2. January 23, 2019 at 8:58 PM

    Thanks, Erin!!

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