Sale on Life Coaching for Expats and Creative People

By Dave Fox
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

I’m excited to officially launch my new coaching practice. I became a certified life coach eighteen months ago. Clients have been finding me through word of mouth but I haven’t been advertising my services while I’ve been wrapping up other projects. Now, with a new year approaching, I’m offering special introductory discounts for the next ten people who sign up. 

I offer online coaching via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and phone. If you’re in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where I live, I’ve got an office in District 7 for in-person appointments too.

I specialize in two areas:

  • Helping people cut through the emotional static that’s getting in the way of their creative or other life goals.
  • Helping expats navigate the cross-cultural and personal challenges that come with international living. In particular, I’m dedicated to helping accompanying partners find a sense of purpose while living abroad. (I do not use the more common, horribly condescending term, “trailing spouse,” in referring to people who move overseas to support their partners’ careers.)

Sign up soon and get big discounts!

For the next ten people who enroll in an introductory session or a coaching package, I’m offering special, reduced rates.

There are five slots left at these prices.

  • Introductory first session: US $40. (Usual price: $50) 
  • Discounted price for 3 prepaid one-hour sessions:$180 ~ $60 per hour. (Usual price: $195 ~ $65 per hour)
  • Discounted price for 10 prepaid one-hour sessions: $550 ~ $55 per hour. (Usual price: $590 ~ $59 per hour)

For in-person appointments in Saigon, I offer discounted VND pricing. Please e-mail me for details.)

Writer Coaching: Certain types of writer coaching are eligible for these sale prices. You may use up to two hours of a three-hour package, or five hours of a ten-hour package for in-depth, written critiques. The remaining hours can be used for live coaching sessions via Skype, phone, etc., or in person.

To sign up: Choose either an introductory session or a three or ten-session package from the dropdown menu below. Then go to my online appointment calendar to schedule your time. (See below for more details.) You can also sign up for a first session or package now and schedule your appointment later.

Choose your coaching package from the dropdown menu.
Then click the “Buy Now” button.

Choose your coaching package


If you choose a $40 introductory session, you can add either a three-session package or a ten-session package later at the above, discounted prices. (Limit one multi-session package per person at these rates.) If you’ve already done a first session with me, you can still sign up for a three or ten session package at these special prices.

Typically in your first session, we’ll talk about your goals or reasons for seeking coaching, and we’ll come up with a game plan to get you rolling. If you don’t find your first session helpful, you’ll get a full refund! 

To schedule a coaching sessionyou can sign up right now on my online appointment calendar. The calendar will show available times in your time zone so you don’t have to worry about doing time zone math. I offer a wide range of hours to accommodate people in all parts of the world, but if you don’t see any times available that work for you, e-mail me and I’ll see if I can fit you in.

If this is your first appointment, I also encourage you to e-mail me ahead of time with a bit of information about yourself and your coaching goals.


Why I Became Certified as a Life Coach

“Hang on, Dave! You’re a travel writer and a writing coach. How did this life coaching thing happen?”

Excellent question! Thanks for asking!

Yes, this is a career transition for me – and one that has happened organically. I’ve been coaching writers for more than two decades on the craft, business, and psychological aspects of writing. Many of my one-on-one writing students were bringing personal issues into our sessions. Some were writing about emotionally challenging topics. Others were dealing with events in their lives that were affecting their writing.

As a writer, I’ve been trained to ask effective questions and listen with empathy rather than judgment. The more writing students I coached, the more I realized that helping people overcome personal challenges comes naturally to me. I worried, however, that guiding people through emotional issues, even in the limited context of how those issues were affecting their writing, might be treading into territory I wasn’t qualified to handle. And so … I decided to get qualified.

I received my initial certification in May, 2017, from the US-based Transformation Academy. My coursework has covered topics such as goal achievement (and the psychology behind why some people succeed at their goals while others others don’t), how to discover one’s life purpose, the science of happiness, and how to tackle emotional challenges such as anxiety, self-doubt, and low self-confidence.

I’ve sought additional training in Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (the relationship between life events, the ways we interpret those events, and how those interpretations trigger positive or negative emotions) and Co-Active Coaching (the philosophy that we have the answers within us, but we don’t always know the questions that will lead us to those answers).

If you’ve got big goals you want to pursue in the coming year, if you’re feeling unsettled and you’d like to develop a stronger sense of inner peace, or if you’re living in a foreign country and you’re struggling with cross-cultural, personal, or family issues related to expat life, I can help.


Choose your coaching package from the dropdown menu.
Then click the “Buy Now” button.

Choose your coaching package



Published on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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  1. Erin Goedhart-Stallings
    November 14, 2018 at 6:46 PM

    How exciting, Dave! In the many years we’ve known each other, you have proven yourself to be a clear-headed, compassionate, helpful friend. I think it’s great that you’re moving into this field and your clients will be lucky to work with you! All the best, Erin

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