Merry Christmas!

By Dave Fox
Breckenridge, Colorado

Yes, I realize the calendar says today is Groundhog’s Day; however I have finally made it to Colorado after the Evil Airline-Crippling Monster Blizzard of 2006 shut down Denver’s airport over Christmas.

Breckenridge is not experiencing a blizzard this week. It is, however, experiencing a high temperature today of two degrees Fahrenheit. That, you will be relieved to hear, is a balmy two degrees above zero.

For those of you who do not think in Fahrenheit, two degrees above zero Fahrenheit is equal to approximately 17 degrees below zero Kelvin. Add 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts into the equation, and you know what that means. It means sun or no sun, the groundhog is staying inside today and guzzling brandy. Colorado will therefore not experience spring until Mr. Groundhog sobers up, probably sometime in August.

In spite of the blowing snow, which seems to be specially programmed to blow in whatever direction I am facing, Breckenridge is having an international ice sculpture competition this week. The winner of the competition is a giant head –- a wrinkled old man, leaning his cheek against a curled fist. The name of the sculpture is “Old Man Winter.”

As I stood and admired the sculpture for a brief moment, I happened to notice one spot at the base that was not white like the rest of the carving. It was yellow. Somebody here is apparently not so happy with Old Man Winter.

Published on Saturday, February 3, 2007

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  1. brrre
    February 5, 2007 at 6:32 PM

    Must have been “Pookie” tracing your footsteps…

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