Men Over 45: Stay Away from Omaha!

By Dave Fox
Seattle, Washington

The idea would be gross enough without the sponsor.

In Omaha, Nebraska, they’re putting on a musical called “Urinetown.” It’s a fun-for-the-whole-family, song-and-dance extravaganza about everybody’s favorite topic, Urine!

Now, I could take this opportunity to berate the good people of Omaha, Nebraska. I don’t know much about Omaha, and probably, neither do you. But when I say “they” are putting on a musical, I don’t mean “they” as in all the people in Omaha. I mean “they” as in the Urology Center of Omaha.

“Urinetown: The Musical” first appeared on Broadway in 2002, and — now, this is scary — it won a Tony Award. Tonight is opening night at the Omaha Community Playhouse with the Urology Center’s sponsorship, and according to the Associated Press, dessert will feature — now, this is scarier — “something yellow… served in specimen cups.”

Why are a bunch of Omaha urologists  sponsoring a production that features hot musical numbers such as, “It’s a Priviledge to Pee?” Because, says Dr. Mike Kroeger of the Urology Center, “We thought it would be fun for our staff and would let people know we have a sense of humor.”

Okay… ummm… Dear Dr. Kroeger… I am a professional humor writer. I am also an amateur urinater. One of the things I teach in my humor writing classes is that part of being funny is knowing when to hold back, and when to let it all hang out, so to speak. When I’m in your office, undergoing a prostate exam, that is not a moment in which I want to experience madcap, zany antics or song-and-dance routines.

I’m approaching that age. And I’m staying the hell away from Omaha.

Published on Saturday, February 10, 2007

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