Travel Journaling Versus the Superbowl

By Dave Fox
February 4, 2014

Overlap between football fans and journaling fans is not big, but I’m all about bringing people of different cultures together. So, based on how this year’s Superbowl turns out, you might be able to snag my travel journaling video course for a measly 12 dollars!

Here in Singapore, the Superbowl Sunday kickoff will happen at 7 o’clock Monday morning. Thanks to the magic of satellites, a local American bar will be showing the game, and serving up breakfast and beverages one does not normally drink at breakfast time. I will be waking up specially for this insanity and enjoying some television-induced jet lag.

Not being much of a sports fan, I don’t usually worry about the Superbowl; however, this year, the team from my adopted hometown, Seattle, is battling the team from my weird little brother’s close-to-hometown, Denver. And I never miss an opportunity to heckle my weird little brother.

Globejotting mascot Sven Wondermoose is gearing up for the 2014 Superbowl as the Seattle Seahawks play the Denver Broncos.

Globejotting mascot Sven Wondermoose is the 12th Moose!

Seattle’s football fans are documented to be the loudest in America. They have a reputation for cheering so loudly, the other team can’t hear their quarterback, resulting in more delay-of-game penalties than at any other stadium in America. With eleven players on the field, the Seattle fans have collectively become known as the “12th man” for their influence over the game.

I want to be your 12th man in travel journaling, cheering ridiculously loud to help you write like … oh, that’s a cheesy and pathetic analogy. Never mind. I’ll just get to the big sale:

If the Seattle Seahawks win the Superbowl, I’m going to offer membership in my brand new online travel journaling course to the first 12 people to sign up after the game for just 12 dollars. That’s a 75-percent savings off the usual price.

The way this will work is: As soon as the game is officially over, I’ll send out a tweet on Twitter with a special link to the discount price. You do not have to be signed up for Twitter to read my tweets. You can just go to and you’ll see my messages.

This deal will be limited to the first 12 people to purchase the course, so be ready to pounce! (Depending on the mayhem in the bar, it might take me a couple of minutes to get my tweet sent so please be patient and keep refreshing your page.)

If the Seahawks don’t win, or if you don’t make it in time for the 12-dollar deal, you can still snag the $29 introductory sale price here.

And to my faithful readers in Denver: Don’t worry. I still love you. As long as you don’t play for the Broncos.

Published on Sunday, February 2, 2014

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