Welcome to the New Globejotting.com!

Hi! I’m Dave Fox.

Dave Fox on the shores of Lustrefjord, Norway. Originally from the United States, Dave has lived in Norway, England, and Turkey, and is currently based in Singapore.

For years, my travel and humor writing have been scattered around six different websites. Now, in an effort to consolidate this gangly mess, I’m excited to launch Globejotting 2.0 – a place for people who love to travel, laugh, and write.

What can you expect on the new Globejotting? For starters, you’ll find all the travel tales, humor columns, and writing tips that have fueled my other sites, such as davethefox.com and traveljournaling.com, for more than a decade. But the new Globejotting is more than just a squishing together of those websites. This is a place for global storytelling – a place for people who love to read about crazy adventures, and for people who want to tell their own tales.

Since childhood, writing and travel have been my greatest passions. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with being foreign and out of my element. I savor the confusion that ultimately leads us to our wildest adventures. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that every place is foreign to somebody. We are each living our own stories – and other people want to hear them. People who say their stories are boring just haven’t learned yet how to tell them in a compelling way; or they haven’t discovered that millions of people in other places would find them fascinating. So my mission here is two-fold. I’m here to tell my tales. I’m also here to help you tell yours.

Dave works on a story as he cruises down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Watch the homepage for fresh new content several times each week – including anecdotes from my travels, lots of new humor columns, writing tips, online workshops to motivate and inspire you, interviews, guest bloggers, and a brand new “Ask Dave” feature in which you can ask me about travel, writing, or anything else that’s on your brain. (Yes… anything!)

With more than a thousand web pages on my various sites, moving everything over here will happen in phases. If there’s anything you ‘re not finding here, you might check out:

  • Davethefox.com: My original site for humor and travel tales plus info about my classes and presentations.
  • Davefox.typepad.com: My previous blog (which is migrating over here, a few pages each day).
  • TravelJournaling.com: Tips to help you write enthralling travel diaries.

Scribbling notes in a hot air balloon over Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Content from the old Globejotting.com and DavesBook.com has already been moved to this new site. The other sites will remain online until all of the content is transferred here. If you’re searching for something in particular, or if you encounter any technical burps, please e-mail me at [email protected], and my tech department (a highly advanced team of chipmunks) will go straight to work to resolve your issue.

I do my best to answer all e-mail I receive (though at busy times, it sometimes takes a couple of weeks), so if you ever have questions, concerns, feedback, suggestions, or are the widow of a deceased African dictator who would like to send me trillions of dollars, don’t be shy! You can also write just to say hi and let me know you’re out there. I’m always happy to meet the people who have stumbled across these pages and hear how they got here. And for all of the latest info on this website, plus my upcoming online writing workshops, book releases, contests, and more, be sure to subscribe to my e-mail newsletter with the sign-up form on this page.

Thanks for checking out the new Globejotting,com! Whether you’re planning a trip, traveling by armchair, wanting to spiff up your writing, or looking for a laugh, I hope you’ll find something in these pages that informs and excites you.

Love, peace, and chocolate (unless you are allergic to chocolate),

Dave Fox
Singapore – March, 2012