Yoga While Traveling

Take Your Yoga Practice Everywhere!

By Laura Venecia Rodriguez
Silver Spring, Maryland

Laura Venecia Rodriguez - Yoga LandscapeHere’s a great, paradoxical reason for developing a home yoga practice: You can take it anywhere! There’s no need to interrupt your yoga when you’re on vacation, far from a studio.

Once you’ve ingrained yoga into your at-home lifestyle, you won’t want to miss more than a day or two when you travel. All you need is enough floor space to spread out a travel yoga mat (lighter and thinner than a standard yoga mat) and the ability to move your arms and legs about a foot from the mat. What better way (except maybe sex) to get the kinks out of your body after a long airplane, train, or car ride?

Several years ago I bought a travel mat from Barefoot Yoga that has served me well in hotel rooms and even a tiny cruise ship cabin. A recent issue of Yoga Journal features yoga travel gear such as “Toe Sox” that have sticky soles to support standing poses, and “Yoga Paws,” which are supposedly like “mini-mats” you wear on your hands and feet in lieu of a real mat.

Laura Venecia Rodriguez, author of "----," demonstrates the Half-Lotus pose.

Author Laura Venecia Rodriguez demonstrates the Half-Lotus pose.

(For me, however, a mat is essential for face down poses that bring your face and head in contact with the floor. I don’t think many places have floors that are so clean you could eat off of them!)

One caveat about doing yoga on vacation: Your schedule may be upside down with other activities. If that’s the case, squeeze in poses throughout your day.

With your usual yoga clothes and a travel mat, you’re ready for yoga anywhere. That’s the advantage of practicing on your own at home and not being tied solely to doing yoga in a class. Maintain your yoga practice on the road, and return home more relaxed and refreshed than you would be otherwise.

Easy Yoga for Everyone

Laura Venecia Rodriguez - Headshot-smallLaura Venecia Rodriguez is an author, speaker, and founder of Awaken the Wisdom Within Communications. She aims to inspire everyday people, particularly those who might not feel comfortable in a classroom setting, to take up yoga in the privacy of their homes. She offers these words of encouragement:

  • “Yoga is not just for the elite corps of supermodels, celebrities, athletes, or super-flexible instructors, whom many of us could never match in ability. Yoga is for real, regular people also!”
  • “Gentle, slow yoga can be practiced by virtually anyone who wants to feel and look their personal best.”
  • “It is not necessary to do the complex, pretzel-like poses you see in many magazines and books, or the super-intense forms of yoga often taught in studios or gyms, to benefit from this ancient practice.”

Despite considering herself a “consummate klutz,” Laura taught herself yoga at age 15. She loves sharing ancient wisdom and practices to enhance everyday life and business. She manages two yoga websites: and

Laura’s book, Yoga at Home: Gain Energy, Flexibility, and Serenity in 20-30 Minutes a Day, is designed to help people who might feel intimidated by or have trouble keeping up with the pace of traditional yoga classes. It’s available in paperback and Amazon Kindle editions.

Published on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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