100 Hours of Humo(u)r – Hour 13: Upcoming Flash Humor Writing Contest Times

By Dave Fox

Arg! There had to be an unfortunate technical glitch sooner or later! Last hour’s post was ready on time — I promise! But it did not upload due to a technical glitch. (The glitch was in my brain. I had it scheduled to upload on March 27.)

Welcome to Lucky Hour 13 in Globejotting’com’s Hundred Hours of Humo(u)r! The deadline for humor writing contest # 1 has passed and I’ve zapped the entries down to Mexico, where our judges, Warren and Betsy Talbot, are currently pouring over the results. (Well, from Singapore, I suppose “up and over to Mexico” is more accurate but you get the point.

Once Warren and Betsy choose a winner, sometime in the next few hours, they’ll be Skyping in from Mexico with the results. We’ll announce the winner in a podcast (hopefully two hours from now if the technology gods cooperate) and also hear what they’ve been up to lately. Then, I’ll post the winning entry up on Globejotting in the hour that follows.

Upcoming Contest Times

Our three remaining flash humor contests will have shorter writing windows of three hours each. Here’s a head’s up on the tentative rest of the start times (subject to change if I fall asleep or come up with some other dumb reason):

  • Contest two’s topic will be announced in hour 26 and due at the end of hour 28.
  • Contest three’s topic will be announced in hour 35 with stories due at the end of hour 37.
  • Contest four’s topic announcement will come at the top of hour 83, with entries due at the end of hour 85.

Plan your sleep schedule accordingly!

Speaking of sleep, it’s been an odd night. I finally went to bed at 3:30 a.m., tossed and turned for an hour, got up, cranked out three more blog posts, slurped an adult beverage, and then went in for nap round two. I can’t exactly say I’m feeling well rested, but I am quasi-coherent and ready to keep pushing forthward.

Published on Saturday, March 2, 2013

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