100 Hours of Humo(u)r – Hour 31: Humor Writing Contest #2 Results

(And I am Seriously Going to Bed Now.)

By Dave Fox

Dear People–

To announce the winner of flash writing contest number two, rather than a melodramatic podcast with our judge like I did after contest one, I’m just going to share with you the e-mail I sent Ross Reynolds a little while ago. Ross, as I mentioned earlier hosts “The Conversation,” a call-in show on Seattle’s National Public Radio Affiliate:


 Do you ever have shows where nobody calls in and you wonder if your mic’s not turned on or something? You have no idea what I went through to be awake right now (at 2 a.m.) to send you the entries and this time around I have received… one entry?!?! I’m baffled because people were excited about the last contest, and got several e-mails asking when the next one would be. This time they either didn’t like the topic, or the time of day, or the fact that I gave them three hours instead of ten.

 Grrrr… this is no way to treat a cranky, sleep-deprived man.

 Ross graciously replied that I should go to bed.

Now… after I sent that e-mail, two more entries arrived an hour late. Just to be sure I wasn’t the one who had messed up the timing — which is extremely likely at this moment, I carefully reread my contest instructions, which was more difficult for me than it probably is for you right now. But no…

 1) Debbie Simorte: Your (sincerely excellent) story, which arrived in time, is the winner. It will appear in the next hour. (Thanks to the other two of you who sent in late entries. I’ll see if we might squeeze them onto the site later.)

 2) I am now going to go sleep for a rational period of time.

 3) Before I do that, I am going to announce, right now, the topic for contest number three. Entries are due a whopping 24 hours from now, by the end of hour 55. That topic shall be: Road Trips — but with a broad definition. It can be any form of earthbound transport — cars, trains, boats, forklifts, you name it. Our judges will be Matt and Deb Preston of Places to go for luxury.

On a final note, before I disappear into my sleepy abyss, I shall just note that you people are awesome. Thank you for all of the fun e-mails and blog comments over these first 31 hours. (And I’m not really cranky like I said I was above.) Thanks especially to those of you who have written to tell me to go to bed. I’m on my way.

When I return, I owe many, many of you e-mails, and am also going to get the Globejotters’ Lounge officially up and running for those of you who have signed up for my humor writing course so far. I really appreciate all of you who have said hello through one channel or another. It’s been such a scramble to keep up with these hourly posts, I have not had time to respond to many of you. But I’ve been calling this a “party,” so I’ll see if we can’t make things a little more interactive once I have my brain back.

I’ll be back after a little rest and the 100 hours will continue. (In the meantime, if you really get bored and despondent, you will be thrilled to know that if you purchase my online humor writing class, lesson one will be magically e-mailed to you within the hour.)

See you in a few hours,

Published on Sunday, March 3, 2013

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