100 Hours of Humo(u)r – Hour 33: Flash Humor Contest #3

By Dave Fox

In case you missed the announcement in hour 31, we’re having another long entry period for contest number three.

The topic is: Road Trips – with a broad definition. It can be any form of earthbound transport — cars, trains, boats, forklifts, you name it. Our judges will be Matt and Deb Preston of Places to go for luxury.

Entries are due 22 hours from this posting, at the end of hour 55.

Other than the time, the same rules apply as in contest one.

Please include your location with your entry.

Good luck!

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Published on Sunday, March 3, 2013

One Response to “100 Hours of Humo(u)r – Hour 33: Flash Humor Contest #3”

  1. Art Segal
    March 4, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    My time clock reads that this was posted on Sun. March 3, so 22 hours would be late on Monday March 4 – USA time. I hate to be so technical, but the time stamps would give me almost 24 hours hours more to enter No. 3 (my current time is 10:17 PM on Sun. March 3.)

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