100 Hours of Humo(u)r – Hour 36: Hellos to all da Nice Peoples!

By Sven Wondermoose

SONY DSCHello to all da nice peoples at da 100 Humour Houours! I is Sven Woondermoose, da offishul mascot of da! I is pleased to makes your acquaintances!

I is writin da articul dis hour cuz Dave Fox gots da big sleepy sleepies and he is passed out in da catatonic stupor and he is snorkin like da jackhammer. (I tried to moves him into da bed but I cant lifts him so I sweeped da floor near his hedd.)

I has been havin da nice travlins wiv Dave Fox for da long time now. He takes me to da intrestin places like da Vietnam and da Botswana and da Cyprus. I likes da travlins very much. I also likes wagglin my antlers at all da nice ladies, speshully da lady meeses! RAWR!

My uvvver hobbies is playin da banjo and da Bollywood dancin and rockin out at da REO Speedwagon concerts! I also likes da cookin and I makes da nice 26-egg omelets for da brekfasts in da mornins. (But some mornins I gots da big hungries so I gots to makes da 26-egg omelets wiv da extra eggs.) I also likes to drinks da quintuple espressos and da Norwegian akvavit. I finks Dave Fox gots to drink 3 or 4 quintuple espressos cuz he gots to comes back soon and finish dis job!

In da meantime, you gots da queschuns, I will tries to answer dem later! (And maybe Dave Fox is comin back soon too!)

I hope you is havin da fun times today!

Sven Wondermoose

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Published on Sunday, March 3, 2013

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