100 Hours of Humo(u)r – Hour 38: Resurfacing

By Dave Fox

100hours-logo6Wow… amazing what some proper sleep and a shower, and caffeine, and some loud 1980s, alternative rock, and a pep talk from Sven Wondermoose will do for you. (Okay, and I believe there might have been a quick involved before all of that.

I’m awake! And taking a little time to regroup here — because the true motive for all of this was not actually to desperately slap an absurd amount of material onto this website in a manner that caused me to be so tired, I didn’t know what I was doing. The true motive was to connect with my readers and writing students, find some new ones, connect you all with each other, and launch into this new iteration of my online humor writing class in a fun and festive manner.

That in mind, I am back in action and the 100 Hours of Humo(u)r are rolling again. I’m pondering various overnight options for tonight, none of which include staying awake for idiotic lengths of time. I am remembering what it feels like to be well rested this afternoon and I quite enjoy it.

To all of you who have said hello so far in one way or another, thanks for letting me know you’re out there. As I mentioned before my little  nap, I need to respond to many of you, and also open up the Globejotters’ Lounge to those of you who have signed up for my course. I hope to get to that before I go to bed tonight (which will be by lunchtime, Sunday, for those of you in North America).

But for now, as Saturday winds down in that part of the world (where a majority of my readers are, but those of you elsewhere, I especially love hearing where you’re hanging out), I’m going to respond to some of the comments that have shown up in various posts throughout these first 38 hours… and I’m going to do so here, so everything is consolidated, rather than making you plow back through 37 other posts.

Hour 1: Opening Ceremonies

Thanks to all of you who checked in to say hello. I am waving back to you from Singapore. A few specific responses:


Jim Carson wrote:

Oh, this isn’t the start of the Iditarod Sled Dog race across Alaska? Begs the question:”What hour will this go to the dogs?”

I live in the tropics, Jim. Sled dogs get cranky here. As far as your second question goes, I think we’ve answered that now.


Katherine wrote:

Appreciate your effort — true … pure … funny … clumsy … effort. Will check in often.

Bring it on!

The first contest should be counting how many times you wrote/said “100 hours” in your Opening Ceremonies!

Yay! Globejotting!

Encouraging cheap and tawdry publicity stunts for considerably more than 39 years …Katherine

Emphasis on “clumsy,” Katherine. And how many times did I say “100 hours” in the “Opening Ceremonies?”


Debbie wrote:

Hello from Missouri! I see you scheduled this to coincide with the National Day of Unplugging. Nice.

Thank you for pointing that out, Debbie. So my recent extended sleep session was to help save the planet then. Yeah!


Linda wrote: 

Checking in from Sacramento, CA. In view of the fact this has already started, I’m wondering where the prompts can be found. Also, being DEAF, your spoken word on video capture doesn’t do me ANY good. lol. Does this mean I get to just imagine what you are saying?

Also, in Hour 7, in response to the first podcast, Linda wrote:

If I wanted to listen, I’d turn on TV and get close captioning. Can you WRITE this?

Thank you for sharing your concerns, Linda. As a former communications assistant for a state telecommunications relay system, and as a linguist who seriously considered a career in ASL interpretation a long time ago (but was unable to due to chronic tendonitis), I am very supportive of inclusive technologies for people who are Deaf or otherwise physically challenged. As you perhaps can see by now, I am attempting to produce a massive amount of material in a very short period of time. Captioning my videos and podcasts simply is impossible for me to do with my schedule here, and hiring someone else to do so for me, based on my income from these four days, would be prohibitively expensive.

The video did include a separate article, which paraphrased its basic message. Doing an occasional podcast interview during this event, instead of a written article, enables me to produce content quickly that I could not otherwise do on the fly in an event like this. It also gives my aching hands a rest from a ridiculous amount of typing. (I wish there were an easy way to add up all the words I will type in these hundred hours.)

I do sincerely appreciate your input and  recognize your frustrations. As more than 90 percent of these posts will be written, I hope you are still enjoying the rest of this free content.


Joan Kerr wrote:

Kinda bummed that this is going on on the very weekend that I am moving to a new house! A little too busy to take part in flash contests right now, but I’ll be following when I take a break. Looking forward to it!

Joan! We’ve missed you! But at least you are doing something more relaxing than me.


Hour 6: Nap Time

Beth Harling wrote:

Take heart. If you try to sign up for one of your own classes in your sleep deprived stupor, the “order” button doesn’t work.

Hmmm… when I first read this, I wasn’t sure if you were joking or if there was still a problem with class sign-ups. In the first couple of hours when we went live, there were some issues with the sign-up forms. As far as I know, they have all been resolved, but if anyone is still having problems, please e-mail me.

(And a quick reminder: my newly reformatted humor writing course is launching at an intro price of $96 — but until these hundred hours end, you can snag it for an extra-low festival price of $69. Details here.)


Hour 8: Beware Bogus Writing Contests

Jim Carson wrote:

Just a thought – Why not have a contest for anyone that is able to follow each stream of Replies for each of the 100 posts? As I have found, there are replies to earlier posts after two or three others have been posted – and we are only on Hour 8 with 92 to go.
Honor System of course.

Would you believe I’ve now read All 100 Blog Posts and every Reply? – I must have Won.
Or would you believe Half of them?

Wait, you have read all 100 blog posts? But I haven’t written them yet, Jim. If you could copy and e-mail them to me, I could get some sleep!

And that’s a sampling of comments from the first 10 hours. I’ll get to the later ones in a future posts and do more of these round-ups as things roll onward. Feel free to reply in the comment field below if you feel so inclined.  :-)

I’ve still got some e-mail replies to work through here as well. They’re on the way as time allows.

Thanks kids!


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Published on Sunday, March 3, 2013

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  1. March 3, 2013 at 4:04 PM

    Hola from outside of Dismal Raincouver, BC.

    Dragon Dictate (or the non-Mac equivalent) can be your friend. Have a conversation with your computer and the words magically appear. It’s definitely easier on the paws (or whatever appendage you prefer for keysmashing).

    Once you get around the logistics of the software, it’s pretty accurate, leaving you with the odd edit here and there. And if you run out of funny things to talk/type about, just see what autocorrect or what the machine ‘thought’ you said. That lends itself to an entire blog of ‘wha-huh’ and ‘whatchootalkin’bout, Willis?’ moments of awkwardness. Good times.

    I’ll sign off now because I think the cold meds I’m taking kicked in a week ago. It’s WonkyTime. My digits feel fuzzy and not in the normal ‘oh, she’s having carpal issues’ kind of way.

    As you were, good Sir.

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