Post 64/ Hour 69: Flash Humor Contest #3: We Have a Winner

By Dave Fox

100hours-logo8I’ve just finished a Skype conversation with Matt Preston of and Matt has poured over our slew of entries in the third flash humor contest, and chosen a winner.

The topic for this contest was “Road trips and other earthbound travel.” As it turned out, just about every entry involved travel by car.

And the winner is…

Jen Richards with her story about an ailing bulldog in the backseat.

“It is gross, but well written, with some great phrases like “backwards birth,'” Matt said. “It was funny, described the scene well without needing too many words. Had phrases that made you laugh and gross you out at the same time. It hit the most comedy nails on the head for me.”

Congratulations Jen! (And if you send me more info about where you are, a blog link if you have one, etc., I will add them to this page later.)

I’ll have Jen’s winning story online in around 20 minutes for post number 60.

There were lots of great entries in this contest. I’ll be posting a few of the others over the next few hours. And if you have funny travel tales to tell, our final flash humor contest is underway right now, with another travel theme, and a fun and controversial travel author doing the judging.

Jen, congrats again for your winning story! You’ve won a free humor / writing critique or coaching session, and two of my books, of your choice.

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Published on Monday, March 4, 2013

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