100 Hours of Humo(u)r: The Good, the Bad, and the Utterly Stupid

A round-up of all 100 blog posts from my weirdest publicity stunt ever.

By Dave Fox

100hours-logo1The “100 Hours of Humo(u)r” online party happened from March 1 to 5, 2013.

My goal: To upload 100 humor-related blog posts to in a 100-hour period.

My ulterior motive: To stage a fun event promoting my re-formatted and improved online humor writing class.

My plan: To pre-write about half of those hundred posts, and have them ready to upload so I could sleep a bit every now and then.

But life got in the way. March 1 came screeching up on me faster than anticipated. As I dove into the event, I had around 20 blog posts written, and only two or three of them laid out and ready for upload. What happened as a result was a ridiculous experiment in sleep deprived endurance writing. Or sheer idiocy, if you prefer a more casual term.

I managed to get all hundred posts online — falling behind on a couple of occasions, then catching up — partially with the help of some awesome blog readers who entered “flash humor” writing contests, thus providing me with more material, and other awesome readers who sent in stories even when there weren’t contests going on, just to help me out. I also included around a dozen excerpts from my humor writing workshop, wrote a few tips on the fly, dug in my archives for vintage material worthy of rerunning, and actually did manage to compose a bit of humor during the event.

The stories I wrote while this was happening were not my best writing. In some cases, they were embarrassingly not-ready-for-public-consumption. But in desperation, I uploaded them anyway. Shockingly, in one of my most exhausted hours, I did manage to bang out a rough draft I was quite happy with — nearly 2,000 words in all — which served as a double post in hours 27 and 28, and also sparked a tip in hour 21 — the realization that if you go for quantity over quality in your writing, on one level, you increase your odds of creating quality writing.

online-humor-writing-class-283Allow me to reiterate: Much of this is not my best writing. If you want to learn to write quality humor, in a saner setting than the “100 Hours,” I can teach you! My online course, “Professional Humor Tricks for Writers, Speakers, and Other Misfits,” is open to writers of all skill levels. You’ll learn how to write consistently funny material… as long as you don’t resort to desperate publicity stunts like this one.

To those of you who normally come to this website for travel tales rather than humor columns or writing tips, thanks for enduring the past couple of weeks. You will find some travel tales sprinkled in the links below. And after just one or two more naps, will get back to its usual weirdness.

On that note, if you missed the “100 Hours of Humo(u)r while it was happening, here are links to all hundred hours: the good, the bad, and the utterly stupid:

The Pre-100 Announcement: Why an I doing this? What’s the plan?

Hour 1: Opening Ceremonies – In which I kick things off with a video and attempt to explain what the hell I am about to attempt. Also, in the Hour 1 comments, lots of people saying hello and letting me know where they’re stalking me from.

Hour 2: My Extremely Urgent Earthquake Report – The blog post that launched my weird humor writing career

Hour 3: Flash Humor Writing Contest #1 – Theme: “Outside the Zone.”

Hour 4: Humor Writing Tip: The world’s greatest myth about science and humor.

Hour 5: Flying Goats – Culture shock immunity in Tiruchirappalli.

Hour 6: Nap Time – Disturbing babble as the clock strikes 3 a.m.

Hour 7: Podcast: A New Kind of Foreign – Dana’s mother-in-law books a surprise holiday in Mexico. Dana’s mother-in-law has no idea what kind of holiday she’s booked.

Hour 8: Beware Bogus Writing Contests – If it looks like spam and smells like spam….

Hour 9: This is CNN’s Ugly Baby – Dana Talusani shares the story she wrote for my online humor writing class that snagged her a mention on CNN’s Headline News network.

Hour 10: Gecko Talk – One of the bonuses of living in Southeast Asia is your home comes with free pets.

Hour 11: Gecko Crime Scene – It was a delightful little hotel overlooking the Sisowath Quay. I had no idea of the horrors that happened downstairs.

Hour 12: Humor Writing Tip: The Science of Comedy – Stalking Dave Barry.

Hour 13: Upcoming Flash Humor Writing Contest Times – A schedule of contests for the 87 hours remaining.

Hour 14: Appropriate Attire – Art Segal attempts to go swimming in Malaysia.

Hour 15: Podcast with Betsy and Warren Talbot – Our judges for flash humor contest number one talk about stepping outside their comfort zones and exposing themselves.

Hour 16: Zip Zop Zip!  – Beth Harling’s winning entry in our first flash humor contest.

Hour 17: Humor Writing Tip – Things Go Wrong.  (The key to all things funny.)

Hour 18: Honorable Mentions for Bravery – And how I intend to get some sleep.

Hour 19: Keep On Zippin’! – Another zip-lining tale from our first “flash humor” contest.

Hour 20: My First Cell Phone – (And a flashback to one of my first humor columns.)

Hour 21: Humor Writing Tip – What I’ve Learned About Humor Writing from Photographers

Hour 22: The Social Climber – Jules Fredrik’s submission to our first flash humor contest.

Hour 23: Beware the Icelandic Menace! – A humor column flashback to 2005.

Hour 24: Outside the Zone – Tonnette dela Luna’s entry from our first flash humor contest.

Hour 25: Humor Writing Tip – Begin in the Middle

Hour 26: Flash Humor Writing Contest #2 – Theme: “In the News.”

Hour 27: My French Girlfriend, Part 1 – Tour guide wars in fjord country. (My favorite original work from these 100 hours)

Hour 28: My French Girlfriend, Part 2 – The tour guide wars continue.

Hour 29: State of my Brain Address – Basic tasks, such as breathing, are becoming more and more difficult.

Hour 30: The Warning Ladle – Sherry Grunder’s entry in flash humor contest #1

Hour 31: Flash Humor Writing Contest #2 Results – (And I am seriously going to bed now.)

Hour 32: Name Game – Debbie Simorte’s winning entry in flash humor contest #2.

Hour 33: Flash Humor Contest #3 – Topic announcement: Road trips and other overland journeys. (Entries due by the end of hour 55.)

Hour 34: Contain Yourself – A late entry from contest #2.

Hour 35: Zzzzzzzzz – In which I finally come to my senses and fall asleep in a puddle of my own drool.

Hour 36: Hellos to all da Nice Peoples! – Greetings from mascot Sven Wondermoose.

Hour 37: Humor Writing Tip – Comedy Writing Pitfalls: Two common mistakes that smother punch lines, and how to avoid them.

Hour 38: Resurfacing – I’m awake… with replies to your comments.

Hour 39: Meerkat at the Wedding – Amy Rodriguez’s entry in flash humor contest #1.

Hour 40: 99-Cent Humor E-Books – Special this month: My $2.99 Kindle e-books are discounted to 99 cents each.

Hour 41: Don’t Grope the Pope – A travel humor flashback to 2001.

Hour 42: Humor Writing Tip – Wordplay: Add laughs to your stories with more creative wording.

Hour 43: Don’t Visit a Bird Sanctuary Alone – Guest blogger Art Segal visits Singapore and is attacked by an angry peacock.

Hour 44: Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un: New BFFs! – Sometimes comedy writes itself.

Hour 45: Customer Service Has Gone Too Far: Part 1 – At the supermarket: Is it so wrong to just browse?

Hour 46: Customer Service Has Gone Too Far: Part 2 – Challenges in the check-out line.

Hour 47: On a Wing and a Prayer – Barbara Ikenberry Tulli confesses her fear of flying.

Hour 48: Humor Writing Tip – The One-Two Punch.

Hour 49: Get Your Finger Out of There! – Answering My Least Favorite Question.

Hour 50: Halftime! – A mere 50 hours to go!

Hour 51: Recap – Hours one through 50.

Hour 52: Time Out (And an update on contest #3) – Contest #3 has ended. Thanks to all who entered! Results will be posted within a few hours.

Hour 53: I Lied. (But I’m Awake.) – Greetings from the future.

Hour 54: Announcing Flash Humor Contest #4 – Our judge and topic for our final flash humor writing contest — now with a snazzy countdown timer to avoid deadline time zone confusion.

Hour 55: Magic or Madness, Part 1 – Things could be worse. I could be David Blaine.

Hour 56: What I Should Have Done Differently – A short cut for next time.

Hour 57: Magic or Madness, Part 2 – Things could be worse. I could still be David Blaine.

Hour 58: No Queen in Burma – A stupid tourist tale.

Hour 59: Writing Critique – Boys to Chimps, Part 1

Hour 60: Writing Critique – Boys to Chimps, Part 2

Hour 61: What Time is It? – And when does our final humor writing contest really end?

Hour 62: Driving Miss Crazy – 2004 flashback: Lighten up. It’s just a little vehicular homicide.

Hour 63: Humor Tip – Recycle

Hour 64: Flash Humor Contest #3: We Have a Winner – Find out who was chosen in our “road trips” flash humor contest!

Hour 65: Ruff Road Trip – The winning entry in flash humor contest #3.

Hour 66: The Michigan Incident – Another entry in flash humor contest number three.

Hour 67: Beer and Tweezers – A bachelor’s guide to home safety.

Hour 68: The Wheels on the Bus – Kindergarteners gone wild! Another entry in our third flash humor contest.

Hour 69: Bullets and Bikini Briefs – Flashback: My first bomb scare.

Hour 70: Punch Buggy! – Another flash humor contest entry: A favorite game of violence among bored children in cars.

Hour 71: Humor Writing Tip – What can we learn from the Soup Nazi?

Hour 72: Lumberjacks and Roosters – Another submission in our flash humor writing “road trips” competition.

Hour 73: Flying to Hawaii – Family travel with Dana Talusani

Hour 74: Extremely Important Survey – Who the hell do you think you are?

Hour 75: Third Quarter Recap – Highlights from Hours 50 through 75.

Hour 76: Comedy Writing Tips from the Greats – “Mug of Woe” editor Jenn Dlugos shares her favorite tips from comedy legends.

Hour 77: Quit Cloning Around! – You are descended from space aliens.

Hour 78: Hooked on Bubonics – Pizza, beer, and Plague virus: Not your typical college fridge.

Hour 79: Humor Writing Tip: The Callback – This time-tested technique offers a strong and easy way to wrap up a story.

Hour 80: Humor Critique: Seizure Lady, Psycho Man and the Jersey Boys, Part 1 – Another sample critique for you to learn from.

Hour 81: Humor Critique: Seizure Lady, Psycho Man and the Jersey Boys, Part 2 – My feedback on the story in our previous post.

Hour 82: Humor Critique: Seizure Lady, Psycho Man and the Jersey Boys, Part 3 – The final installment in our critique session with Lynne Paris-Purtle.

Hour 83: Flash Humor Writing Contest #4: We Have a Winner! – The winner is announced in our fourth and final flash humor writing contest.

Hour 84: Burning BridgesCheck out Jules Fredrick’s winning entry in our fourth and final flash humor writing contest.

Hour 85: Poison for the Journey Home – My first restaurant review.

Hour 86: Lessons Learned from a Eurotrip, Once Upon a Time – Tonette dela Luna’s entry in our fourth flash humor writing contest.

Hour 87: Extremely Important Survey Answers – Ask a stupid question, give a stupid answer.

Hour 88: Slippery Slope – Barbara Samuels’s submission for our “Bad Tourists” flash humor contest.

Hour 89: Double Tall Confusion – Remedial Italian for caffeine addicts.

Hour 90: Music Festival Tourist – TLC Nielsen’s entry in our “Bad Tourists” flash humor writing contest.

Hour 91: Humor Writing Tip: %$*!@*# – Humor and profanity: A frank discussion. (With examples.)

Hour 92: Norwegian Chicken? Tastes Just Like Chicken – Another tour guide flashback.

Hour 93: Humor Tip for Public Speakers: The Silent Rubber Band – A sliver of time can make a world of difference.

Hour 94: Humor Tip for Public Speakers: Let Them Laugh – Giving a speech? Get comfortable shutting your mouth.

Hour 95: The Rule of Krap – One comedy tip I don’t subscribe to.

Hour 96: The Room Race – Singaporean language lessons.

Hour 97: Comedic Heroes – Burma’s Moustache Brothers fight repression with humor.

Hour 98: ADD and the Humor Writer’s Brain – Attention Deficit Disorder offers comedy writers a neurological advantage, but you can have purple walruses too.

Hour 99: Wow… – Last Friday night when this all began seems like a very long time ago.

Hour 100: Closing Ceremonies – Are we there yet?

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