A Sad Fact About Teenage Nutrition

By Dave Fox
Oslo, Norway

I’m sitting at an outdoor cafe when a teenage girl walks out of a candy store with a gummi-hamburger. You know… kind of like the gummi-bear candies, only she has a gummi-hamburger instead — about an inch and a half across. The bun part is yellow, the burger part is brown, the lettuce part is green, and the tomato part is red.

The girl sits down at a table near me. She opens up the container, which vaguely resembles a McDonald’s hamburger container, and — I swear this really happened — removes the red and green parts of the burger. She takes out the gummi-lettuce-and-tomato, and eats only the gummy-bun and the gummi-meat.

No wonder teenage obesity is a growing problem! Personal message to the youth of Norway: You must eat your gummi-vegetables as well or you are going to miss out on important gummi-vitamins and gummi-minerals!

Published on Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 Responses to “A Sad Fact About Teenage Nutrition”

  1. August 31, 2007 at 8:21 AM

    Hilarious! If I could only aspire to be as funny as you someday…

  2. michael jones
    October 12, 2007 at 4:32 AM

    You are copmletely right! I was one picky eater diet but i have to say that it was not something positive for me! I like your post!

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