A Bird’s Eye View of Rome

By Dave Fox
Rome, Italy

I was in a taxi in Rome a couple of weeks ago at 4 a.m., on my way to the airport to start my second tour in Stockholm. As my driver sped through the streets, I looked out the window and  discovered Rome at 4 a.m. is a peaceful place. No throngs of tourists clogging the streets. Just a few late-night drunks and prostitutes.

And birds. Lots of birds.

I began to wonder: Birds can live anywhere. What makes a bird decide to live in downtown Rome? I’ve got friends who prefer urban areas, and others who like to live out in the country. Are birds the same way? Do birds who live in Rome ever wake up and say, “Hmmm… I think we should get away from it all for a few days and go hang out in the Tuscan countryside?” Do they ever go on family vacations to the coast? If they do, do they stop at highway rest stops along the way to forage for food? Do the younger birds peck at each other until their parents threaten to turn around and go back to the city if they don’t stop?

One wonders about such things when one is forced to wake up at 3:45 a.m. to catch a taxi.

Published on Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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