An Important Holiday Safety Tip for Camel Owners

By Dave Fox
Seattle, Washington

What happens if you bring a live camel to a Christmas party?

The camel’s going to party!


The staff at an equestrian school in Ireland decided their Christmas bash would not be complete without inviting Gus the Camel. Excellent plan! We all know you can’t throw a holiday bash without a camel. But… oops… here’s a helpful holiday tip for those of you who are thinking of inviting a camel to your festivities this holiday season: Do not leave your camel unattended.

Reuters reports that Gus got loose while the human attendees were all changing clothes, and he managed to scarf down 200 mince pies, plus a six-pack of Guinness, which he opened with his teeth. (I knew a guy in college who could do that.)

The problem: Gus is only 11 years old, which, even in Ireland, is not of legal drinking age.

Published on Friday, December 8, 2006

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