Travel Coaching Video: Travel Safely and Avoid Scams in Bangkok

By Dave Fox
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia’s most iconic cities but for first-time visitors, it can also seem overwhelming.

A tuktuk zooms through the streets of Bangkok.

A tuktuk zooms through the streets of Bangkok.

Joan Lindsay Kerr, who has contributed several stories to Globejotting in the past, is a very experienced traveler in some parts of the world, but Southeast Asia is new for her. She and her husband, Rob, are heading to Thailand soon. Joan e-mailed me recently with some concerns she has about getting around Bangkok.

So we did a mini travel-coaching session via Skype, which Joan has kindly offered to let me share with you. In this 20-minute video, we talk about how to navigate Bangkok, how to avoid common tourist scams and rip-offs, and also the joys of riding in a tuktuk.

Joan lives in California, and I’m in Vietnam, where the Internet gets a bit spotty at times — so there are a couple of short video glitches (it’s not you, it’s me!) but the audio recorded just fine.

You can follow Joan’s travels on her blog at And if you’re interested in setting up a private travel coaching session with me, you’ll find all the details about my coaching services here.

Watch the Video:

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Published on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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