Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad

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Dave Fox won the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop Book Proposal Contest in 2004 for his synopsis of “Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad.” The prize: a package of services from a “print-on-demand” self-publishing company. He released his self-edited first edition in June, 2006.

A year later, Dave signed a deal with Inkwater Press to publish a professionally edited second edition. That edition was released in March, 2008.

In the revision process, many chapters were re-edited, with improved writing and tighter endings. Many of the short essays in the last section of the book were cut from the second edition — not because they were bad, but because they did not fit the flow of the rest of the book. Other chapters in the last section were folded into a new final chapter, which replaced the original ending.

Approximately 700 copies of the first self-published edition were printed. Dave still has a few copies for sale on this website, as well as plenty of copies of the second edition. He’s happy to autograph them.

Which edition is best for you? Edition one has rougher editing, but it contains bonus chapters and it’s cheaper. Edition two went through a more thorough editing process, and it’s got a more playful interior design. Can’t decide? Dave will sell you both of them together for a super low price!

He has also just released the short e-book, Loster: Hilarious Travel Tales Rescued from the Elusive First Edition of “Getting Lost.” “Loster” contains all of the short chapters cut from the second edition, as well as the original ending, and is available from Amazon as a low-priced “Kindle Single.”

Differences at a Glance
Edition 1 Edition 2
Editing Self-edited by Dave. Professionally edited.
Chapters Contains nine stories not found in edition two. Some chapters have been deleted — not because they were bad, but because they didn’t fit the overall flow of the book.
Ending Contains space aliens. All-new, space-alien-free ending.
Interior Pure as an arctic glacier. Cluttered with nifty sketches in the margins.
Cover Baah!

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