Charity Course and Coaching Sale: Help Feed Vietnam’s Most Vulnerable

By Dave Fox
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
August 9, 2021

Vietnam is facing its greatest emergency since the war and there’s a way you can help.

Saigon is currently under an extremely restrictive set of lockdown rules due to an explosion of Covid cases. Many of the city’s poor, who were barely earning enough to survive prior to the outbreak, are not allowed to work right now due to the government’s stay-at-home order, and they can’t afford food.

Sign up this week for a private, one-hour coaching session or any of my online courses, and I’ll donate 50 percent of my earnings to the Sống Foundation, a non-profit organization working to feed Vietnam’s most vulnerable people and provide essential medical supplies to frontline workers.

Online Courses

From now through August 18, I’m offering all of my online writing courses at the lowest price Udemy lets me sell them – between US $9.99 and $14.99 per course. (If paying in a different currency, the price Udemy charges might be slightly different.)

To sign up – or to read the full course descriptions and watch free sample lessons – please follow the links below.

Writing and Life Coaching

Sign up for a one hour, life coaching or writer coaching session at a discounted price of US $50 and I’ll donate half of my profits to the campaign.

This special, discounted price is usually only available to first-time clients, but during this charity sale, I’m offering the same rate to my current and past clients as well.  

  • New Clients: You can learn more about my writer coaching and life coaching services here.
  • Current clients: If you currently have an active package of sessions, this will add one more hour to your current package.
  • Past clients: If we haven’t talked in a while and you’d like a session to catch up and revisit your goals, this is your opportunity for a one-hour check-in at a lower price.

(As Covid has taken a bite out of my own finances, I thank you for understanding I can only offer one session per person at this rate. If you’d like to sign up for a larger package of sessions, however, I will also donate 10 percent of my profits from those packages during the sale period.)

How to Sign Up for a Coaching Session

To pay for a coaching session with PayPal:

  • Go to and send me 50 US dollars. You can pay with a credit card or directly from your PayPal account.

To Pay with online banking or an email transfer from a US-based bank:

  • If your bank offers Zelle or email transfers, send 50 dollars to
  • To pay with a direct transfer into my Bank of America or HSBC account, please email me for instructions.

(American customers: I am grateful when you pay with a bank transfer instead of PayPal. This saves me money in fees, and more of your money will go to help people in need.)

Choose your appointment time:

After you’ve sent your payment, you can choose your time on my online appointment calendar. (The calendar will convert my available times to your time zone so you don’t need to do any pesky time zone math.) I offer coaching via Zoom, Skype, phone, and a few other options.

If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, please email me and I’ll do my best to fit you in at another time.

You do not need to schedule your appointment right away. You must pay by August 18 but can choose your date and time later – any time within the next six months.

~ Sale ends on Wednesday, August 18. ~

About the Sống Foundation

Sống is the Vietnamese verb for “to live.” The Sống Foundation was founded in 2018, under supervision from Vietnam’s Ministry of Home Affairs, to help natural disaster victims. They have an excellent reputation in Vietnam for their charitable work.

Their “Be Strong Vietnam” campaign is raising funds to feed people who cannot afford food due to the Covid lockdown, and to provide essential medical supplies to frontline workers.

This is a challenging time for everyone in Vietnam. Many people who were already in poverty before the latest Covid outbreak were living from day to day and had no savings. Now that they are unable to work, they are relying on charity from groups like the Sống Foundation to survive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

You can read more about Vietnam’s Covid emergency in these two articles on Globejotting:

This video from VNExpress explains the plight that so-called “informal workers” are facing. The video was posted on July 1. Since then, lockdown restrictions have been tightened, and the people in the video are not allowed to work.

Published on Monday, August 9, 2021

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