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Professional Humor Tricks for Writers, Speakers, and Other Misfits

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Humor writing online courses

Contrary to popular belief, a “sense of humor” is not a magical “gift” a few special people are born with. Humor and writing are skills anyone can develop. In this online workshop, award-winning humorist and bestselling author Dave Fox teaches you how!

Discover the techniques professional comedy writers use to write consistently funny material. You’ll learn how to think, write, and be funnier.

Each lesson includes specific techniques and exercises to  incite maximum laughs. We’ll focus on writing humor columns, personal essays, and creative non-fiction. The skills you learn can be applied to humor of all sorts: stand-up and  sketch comedy, cartooning, script writing, and more.
“[Dave is] the best writing teacher I have ever had. Talented, funny, approachable, and structured.”Leslie in Surrey, England

And maybe full-blown comedy isn’t your goal. Perhaps you want to take more serious forms of writing — fiction, feature articles, blog posts, travel writing, children’s stories, personal memoirs … even office memos, cover letters, or personal ads — and sprinkle in some giggles. Whatever genres you write in, this class will infuse more laughter into your work.

These techniques also work wonderfully for public speakers. Your audiences will remain awake, alert, and free of boredom-induced drool. So if your Inner Censor has been grumbling that you don’t have enough time or money to become a wildly funny, super brilliant writer and/or speaker, put a muzzle on that sucker! Come join us in this fun and inspiring workshop, and stretch your comedic potential to ridiculous new levels!

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What topics does the class cover?
Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Surprise: The universal element of humor
  • Proven tricks to create or strengthen your humor
  • Giving your jokes maximum impact with the right words and timing
  • Stretching your humor to make it even funnier
  • Tightening your phrasing so your punch lines don’t get swallowed up by flabby wording
  • How to critique and learn from professional humorists
  • When and why to throw away your best joke
  • Markets for humor writers
  • How to not be that annoying guy at the party with the lampshade on his head

This course includes:

  • More than three hours of fun and informative video lessons you can watch on your computer or the Udemy phone app. These lessons are specially designed for busy people — broken into bite-sized, coffee-break-length segments of three to fifteen minutes. You can watch the lessons whenever you want, as often as you like, and work through the course at your own pace.
  • Writing exercises at the end of each section for hands-on practice.
  • Lifetime access to our online forums where you can ask questions at any time and share your stories for peer feedback.
  • Goose-bumpy satisfaction as your humor skills soar!
  • Ultra-sexiness! (Yes, really! Studies show that a great sense of humor is one of the biggest traits people look for in a romantic partner!)
  • A list of resources to help you further with your humor writing endeavors.
  • A PDF e-book with all of Dave’s humor columns referenced in the lessons.
Optional Add-On Critique Packages
Want to become an expert funny-person? Add a series of professional critiques with one-on-one feedback from Dave, and supercharge your humor skills! “[Dave’s] humor course has been the foundation of my writing the past couple of years. Specifically, I have used what I learned to secure more writing gigs including a full time blog under my alter ego, Adventure Hermit, for [and] a feature in their print magazine.”Joe in Aurora, Colorado

For each critique, you can submit a humor column or story of up to 800 words. Dave spends roughly an hour per critique offering pinpointed tips to make your stories sparkle. He’ll help you harness your strengths, identify and fix your weaknesses, and develop your unique writing voice. He doesn’t just fine-tune the stories you submit; he focuses his advice to help you become a higher-caliber writer and humorist overall.

How the Critiques Work:

  • You’ll share your stories in a special area of the online forums. Dave will offer detailed, paragraph-by-paragraph suggestions. Your fellow students will also be able to share their thoughts, so along with Dave’s experienced guidance (and twisted mind), you’ll have a team of aspiring humorists helping you become the best writer you can be.
  • With the five-critique package, you can submit one story per section (excluding section one, which has a different type of writing exercise). Once you’ve completed the course, if you like, you can purchase additional critiques and keep polishing your skills.
  • You can submit your five stories whenever you like (maximum one story per week) at any time within 12 months of purchasing the course.
  • Dave usually completes critiques within one to two weeks. On rare occasions, his work / travel schedule gets busy and it might take him longer. If he takes more than 21 days to complete a critique, you get an extra one free! (Limit one free critique per person per month.)
How much does it cost?

The Udemy Video Course

This basic course costs $39.99, but you can sign up here for just $15.99!

Add-On Critique Packages

“Dave Fox is an amazing teacher who will give you online feedback as if you were sitting right next to him.”Joan in Bakersfield, CaliforniaIn his personalized, one-on-one critiques, Dave spends roughly one hour on each story, offering detailed feedback to help you improve not only the story at hand, but your overall writing and humor skills as well.

Learn more about Dave’s writing and humor coaching services here. 

Please e-mail Dave if you’re interested in purchasing a critique package. He also offers general writing and humor coaching by phone and Skype (and in person if you happen to be in the same place as him — he currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but travels to other places a lot too). Please visit his writing coach page to schedule an appointment.  

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