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Travel Writing: Explore the World and Publish Your Stories!

A self-study travel writing  course you can do whenever you have time!

Udemy Travel Writing Image 400Well-written travel tales help readers feel like they’re along on the journey, wandering with the author as a story unfolds. But how do you express yourself in ways that fully capture the places, people, events, and emotions you encounter? How do you find the right words to bring a far-flung travel adventure to life?

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a travel writer, if you’re a journaler or blogger wanting to capture your journeys in words that sparkle, if you’ve already done some travel writing and wish to hone your stories, or if you’re a writer in other genres, looking to expand your skills, this online class will launch you on the road to becoming a scintillating, wandering storyteller.

“[Dave is] the best writing teacher I have ever had. Talented, funny, approachable, and structured.”Leslie in Surrey, England

This workshop is geared toward beginning and intermediate travel writers. Taught by bestselling travel author and writing coach Dave Fox, the course will focus on a specific type of travel writing: the personal travel tale. We’ll begin with a crash course in how to write lively and meaningful travel journals. Then, we’ll craft those “rough draft” diaries into polished stories we can share with friends, or publish — in blogs, magazines, newspapers, books, and more. The final section of this workshop explores the basics of travel publishing — identifying markets for your writing, pitching stories to editors, an overview of pertinent copyright laws, etc. Its primary focus, however, is on how to tell compelling stories.

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What topics does the class cover?
Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Travel journaling secrets: How to find time, write fast, stay motivated, and collect the most powerful details to help you craft compelling travel stories once you’re home.
  • How to travel with the mind of a writer.
  • Various types of travel tales: Adventure, humor, personal growth, and more.
  • Capturing reader interest from the very first sentence with leads that plunge into the heart of the action.
  • Setting the scene, building excitement, and maintaining energy throughout your stories.
  • Weaving together the various elements that create a great travel tale — the setting, people, events, and unique emotions we encounter on the road.
  • Introducing colorful characters — and understanding the rules and common practices for handling quotes and writing compelling dialogue.
  • Obliterating travel writing clichés to create original tales that are truly your own.
  • Knowing what not to include in your stories, and pacing your action to maintain reader interest throughout.
  • Publishing your travel tales in blogs, newspapers, magazines, and books.
  • Working with editors: How to pitch stories, repurposing the stories for multiple publications, and copyright law basics.
What's included?
“Dave Fox is an amazing teacher who will give you online feedback as if you were sitting right next to him.” Joan in Bakersfield, California

This course includes:

  • More than three hours of fun and informative video lessons.
  • Writing exercises at the end of each section for hands-on practice.
  • Lifetime access to our online forums where you can ask Dave questions at any time and share your stories for peer feedback.
  • Wild personal satisfaction as your travel writing skills soar!

Bonus Materials Coming Soon!

  • A supplementary packet of short articles about writing.
  • A list of books to help you further with your travel writing endeavors

Dave believes it’s impossible to find a comparable online travel writing course at this price — anywhere! If you want to rock the world with your travel tales, and you’re motivated to work at it, he will help you get where you want to go!

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Critique Packages
If you’re curious about travel writing and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this basic, low-priced video course is packed with information. If you want to supercharge your writing skills and get on the fast track to getting published, consider purchasing a critique package.

“Your critiques of my work are the best I’ve ever had! Your insight and attention to detail have helped me tremendously, and I thank you for that. Go get ’em, Dave!!!” Kelley in Chicago, Illinois Dave will give you thorough, one-on-one, professional feedback. For each critique, you can submit a humor column or story of up to 800 words. You are encouraged to share your stories and have Dave critique them in our online forum, so you can get feedback from other students; however, if you wish to have your stories critiqued privately, you can do that too.

Dave spends roughly an hour per critique offering pinpointed tips to make your stories sparkle. He’ll help you harness your strengths, identify and squash any bad writing habits that are weighing you down, and develop your unique writing voice. He is also available for live coaching via phone and Skype. 

Do these critiques help? After taking Dave’s humor writing course, one of his students recently landed an essay she wrote for the class on CNN’s Headline News website.

How the Critiques Work:

  • You’ll share your stories in our online forums. Dave will offer detailed, paragraph-by-paragraph suggestions. Your fellow students will also be invited to share their thoughts, so along with Dave’s experienced guidance, you’ll have a team of fellow aspiring travel writers helping you become the best writer you can be.
  • Dave usually completes critiques within one to two weeks. On rare occasions, his work / travel schedule gets busy and it might take him longer. If you have signed up for a critique package, he will let you know in advance when his feedback might be delayed. And if he takes more than 21 days to complete a critique, you get an extra one free!

Dave has helped writers of all skill levels leap to new levels. He doesn’t believe in “bad writing.” He believes in “inexperienced writing.” His feedback is designed to make you a better writer — no matter what your current skill level is. With beginners, he’s encouraging and motivating. With more advanced students, he’s an expert at spotting writing habits that are holding people back, and helping to correct them.

If you’re looking to break into professional travel writing, write kickass tales for your blog, and/or build upon professional skills you already have, Dave’s detailed story critiques will help your writing glow. He doesn’t just polish up your individual stories; he gives pinpointed, personalized advice to help you grow as a writer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or You Get a Full Refund!

Satisfaction guaranteedDave gets it: Just because this course is a phenomenal value for some people, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. If you trust him with your cash, he wants you to feel thrilled with what you’ve paid for.

That’s why he participates in Udemy’s 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee program. If you sign up for this course and decide it’s not what you were looking for, just ask for a refund! You’ve got nothing to lose … and the prospect of an exciting new life to gain!



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