Clean Humor

Griseplakat2007_2k1_300x444By Dave Fox
Oslo, Norway

I bought a smoothie yesterday at Deli de Luca, a Norwegian convenience store chain that puts 7-Eleven to shame. (7-Eleven invaded Norway around 15 years ago, and is now as prevalent in Oslo as Starbuck’s Coffee is in Seattle.) As I was leaving the shop, I looked at a label on the side of my cup. It was an environmental message with a sense of humor. The cup said, “Love me, but leave me in the trash.”

Meanwhile the Oslo city government has declared Oslo a “pig-free zone,” with an ad campaign reminding residents there are more than 2,000 trash cans around the city. “Don’t let the city look like a pig house,” say posters around town, and movie theaters are showing a short anti-pig film before the feature presentation.

Published on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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