Globejotting in the Classroom and Beyond


What do other people say about Dave Fox’s student workshops and educator trainings? Here is some of the feedback he has received:

“As teachers in International Schools, we often send our well-travelled students away with the task of keeping a travel journal but don’t necessarily provide them with specific skills and ideas to do that effectively or interestingly. 

“Dave’s travel writing workshops and book have provided me with new skills and ideas to enliven and enrich my own travel journals by opening up a whole new range of perspectives and ways to approach it. He has also given me more confidence to be more fearless in the way I write and how I share my writing. I believe his workshops have the potential to provide students and teachers with new and exciting ways of approaching travel writing – indeed, writing in general.”

~ Pam Tunney
Assistant Principal for Curriculum (Retired)
International School of Luxembourg

Dave knew his audience and was effective at relating well to the young crowd….  It was motivating to see how he inspired students to imagine and visualize a travel moment in their life and write a detailed account of it. For many students, Dave brought out their ‘inner travel writer’ during his workshops.”

~ David Ross
4th Grade Teacher
Saigon South International School

“Dave was engaging and fun!  He inspired students to find ways to make their writing creative and interesting. He showed our students some cool strategies and ideas on how to begin a piece of writing.  They loved it and couldn’t put their pencils down.”

~ Laura Heatwole
4th Grade Teacher
Saigon South International School

“Dave led a fun and informative travel journaling assembly and workshop for our 7th grade students before our Classroom Without Walls trip to Malaysia. The kids appreciated his sense of humor and easy nature. With the writing tools they learned from Dave, the students took their role as travel writers seriously and were engrossed in their journals throughout the trip.”

~ Karen McDowell
7th Grade Teacher
Singapore American School

“Dave Fox is an engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining speaker. He effortlessly spans audience boundaries, connecting with participants of all ages and backgrounds. In an educational setting he is accessible and practical, offering valuable takeaways for the writer’s toolkit, be that writer a young novice or a seasoned professional. Above all, Dave’s humor breathes optimism and life into his addresses, classes, and writing.”

~ Taunya Dressler
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
University of Utah

“Dave Fox not only was the perfect match for Go Learn’s audience interested in travel, but he managed to contribute to our Expo so much more. ‘The Joy of Culture Shock’ was the theme he chose, and while his stories and his keynote made participants laugh, it also got them thinking.

“Dave’s amazing ability to engage, to invite the listeners’ imagination to join on his adventure all while sitting in an auditorium, was a beautiful contribution to our goal that day: to inspire to travel, to put down the fears and stereotypes, to better oneself and the places visited via travel and exposure in the world.” 

~ Christoph Dressler
Director, Go Learn educational travel program
University of Utah

“Dave Fox understands how journaling can help that great trip become a candy jar of memories that you can dip into for the rest of your life.”

~ Rick Steves
Public Television and Radio Host

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