Holiday Deals for Aspiring Writers

Save Big on Online Humor and Travel Writing Workshops

By Dave Fox

Photo: flickr/ZoZ

Photo: flickr/ZoZ

It’s that luscious time of year when we celebrate the holidays by getting whacked on the noggin with special offers from retailers with stuff to sell us! If a Chia Pet or a George Foreman Grill just doesn’t seem like the right present for your favorite friend, relative, partner in crime, milkman, or pet iguana, perhaps they would be happier with a Globejotting writing course!

There are now three different video courses available on, and until the end of 2014, you can snag them at these special holiday prices:

Travel Journaling: $29 (Save $20)

Travel Writing and Publishing: $99 (Save $50)

Professional Humor Tricks for Writers, Speakers, and Other Misfits: $49 (Save $80!)
This is a special, ridiculously low, introductory price on a new version of my popular humor writing course! Students from the previous version: You can join this new and improved version free! Get more details here.

Each course includes a series of fun and informative video lessons. Specially designed for busy people, they’re broken into short, coffee-break-sized sections you can do whenever you like. Once you sign up with Udemy, you get lifetime access to their online classrooms so you can watch and re-watch the lessons whenever it’s convenient for you.

For full descriptions and free sample videos, just follow the above links (which have the discount coupon codes already built in).

These discount coupon links expire as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31 and ticks into the new year so sign up now!

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Published on Monday, December 8, 2014

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