By Dave Fox
Seattle, Washington 


I have not blogged in nearly a month. I really must stop promising action-packed travel reports if I am going to travel and not report.

Why no blogging? Tour guiding gets hectic sometimes. Internet connections are not always convenient to find. And I am a lazy bum.

I’m home in Seattle now. I’ve been home for 72 hours, and two weeks from tomorrow, I head back to Europe to guide more tours. Whenever I get back into town after tour guiding, I go through a post-tour hibernation period. People call and e-mail me, but I don’t respond because I am jetlagged and cranky. Then they call or e-mail me some more, not sure whether to be annoyed or worried that I am not getting back to them.

What some people have learned is that they can sometimes verify my existence or lack thereof by seeing if I’ve been blogging. If I don’t blog for several weeks, people start to worry.

So here I am. Let this entry serve as a toe back in the realm of normal human interaction. I will commence one-on-one communication in the next few days. When I am in the throes of jet lag, trust me, you do not want to deal with me. I also have some catch-up travel blogging to do.

In the meantime, because I know you just can’t get enough of Liechtenstein, I have uncovered some lost bloggage — another whiny entry about the country I did not visit last month. I typed it one evening in Austria, but never got around to uploading it. I didn’t get to visit Liechtenstein, but I’m going to milk the country for all it’s worth.

Published on Friday, June 15, 2007

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