New Year’s Sale on Dave’s Online Writing Courses: Udemy Discount Coupons

By Dave Fox
January 1, 2021

Udemy is running one of its biggest sales of the year on my online courses. Follow these links for big savings! Now through January 17, you can get each of my courses for between US $9.99 and $14.99. (Prices vary slightly in other currencies.)

Follow These Links for the Udemy Discount Coupons

The links will bring you to the sign-up pages where you’ll find lots more info about what’s included with each course. These links will insert the discount coupons automatically for you. (Udemy has been experimenting with different pricing strategies lately. If the prices you are seeing are more than $14.99, please email me and I’ll wrangle up a discount coupon for you.)


Personal Travel Journaling: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Diaries
This course is designed to help you write more meaningful and insightful personal travel diaries … and if Covid has scuttled your travel plans this year, this course comes with an added bonus. Two of the exercises I teach – Speed Journaling and Post Journaling – will help you recall long-forgotten details of past journeys. When I’ve taught these techniques in live workshops, people have been amazed by the memories that have flooded back. If you can’t travel now, you can relive your past travels in vivid detail. Try it with a friend or a group of friends and share your experiences for added fun!
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Travel Writing: Explore the World and Publish Your Stories
This course picks up where my travel journaling workshop leaves off. Turn your “rough draft” travel diaries into polished travel tales you can share on a blog, or publish in magazines, newspapers, anthology books, or turn into your own, full-length travel memoir.
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Humor Writing: How to Think, Write, Speak, and Be Funnier
Contrary to popular belief, a “good sense of humor” is not a magical gift that a few lucky people are born with. This workshop demystifies the humor writing process and explains methods the pros use to create consistently funny material. The techniques can be applied to both non-fiction and fiction, public speaking, marketing, office memos, personal ads, letters to your weird Uncle Ebenezer, or just about any other situation in which you want to make people laugh.
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Overcome Writer’s Block and Write with Confidence
“Writer’s Block” is a fancy term for fear. It comes from your Inner Bully, that annoying voice in your head that tells you your writing isn’t “perfect enough.” If you find yourself struggling to get started on writing projects, freezing partway through them, or tumbling into endless “editing loops” in which you push words around on the page like kids poke at their food when they don’t want to eat, this course will teach you how to loosen up, break free from your perfectionism, make writing fun, and write with confidence.
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Write More! Time and Distraction Management for Busy Writers
We’re living in a hyper-distracted world. So many different things compete for our attention, from family to phone calls to Facebook. Many of these distractions are things we want in our lives, but they gobble up the time we need to achieve our writing goals. This course teaches you how to tame those distractions, discover your optimum writing environment, protect your time from well-meaning people who interrupt you, and become a much more productive writer.
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Deep Travel: Have Adventures No Guidebook Can Tell You About
Have you ever wondered why some people come home from their trips, bursting with amazing stories to tell? Have you ever wished you could be one of those people? You can. It’s all about mindset. In this course, I draw on my lifetime of global wandering, and three decades as a professional traveler, to explain how I dive safely and confidently into unfamiliar cultures and connect with strangers in the places I visit. (And hey, here’s a little secret about me: I consider myself an introvert, but I’ve never let that stop me from having bold adventures.)
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These courses all come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If they end up not being what you were looking for, you can request a full refund.

Each course includes a series of video lessons you can watch at your leisure whenever it’s convenient for you. Once you join, you get lifetime access. You’ll also get entry into a Q&A forum where you can ask me questions and request some basic feedback.

Want to supercharge your writing skills? Consider adding some one-on-one writer coaching sessions for in-depth feedback to help you fulfill your writing goals.


Published on Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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