Indecision 2008

Journalists keep referring to “undecided voters” in the presidental race, and how the candidates still have 36… 35… 34… 33… more days to sway these voters’ opinions.

Huh? This campaign has been going on for more than a year. Do the candidates have anything to say they haven’t already said? And if so, could they just say it so we can vote?

I face indecision myself sometimes — at restaurants, for example. Sometimes, I can’t choose between the steak or the tofu. I sit there on the brink of panic, deciding at the absolute last moment what to order. But when I am forced to order, when the server is standing there waiting, and everyone else at the table is rolling their eyes, thinking “Come on, Dave; not this again; just pick something!” I figure it out.

Given the issues in our current presidential race, and the rhetoric, the campaign ads, debates, intrusive campaign telephone calls, bumper stickers, lawn signs, and T-shirts, how can you not have made up your mind by now?

Seriously, if all the information out there has not yet led you to a decision, just pick the candidate who you think has the sexiest T-shirts and let’s get this thing over with.

Published on Saturday, October 4, 2008

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