Join Globejotter Tours on a Creative Writing Adventure in Vietnam or Botswana!

Globejotter Tours is now an officially registered travel company providing small group tours for anyone who wants to learn how to write about their travels, or build upon travel writing skills they already have. If you have ever tried keeping a travel diary, but felt you just weren’t managing to capture the full spirit of your journeys in words, or if you have ever dreamed of publishing your travel tales in blogs, books, magazines, or newspapers, Globejotter Tours’ “inspiring journeys for aspiring writers” might be just what you’re looking for.

IMG_0619 I’ll be accompanying each group personally, along with carefully selected local guides. We keep our groups small — usually a maximum of 12 participants — so we can offer more intimate cultural experiences and high-quality writing classes. We hit the top sights and some hidden cultural gems as a group, but we also offer a fair amount of free time after we orient you at each new stop so you can go find your own unique travel tales. Every couple of days, we have a group writing class to help you put your stories and travel memories onto paper in ways you just can’t capture with a camera.

Last month, I partnered with wildlife expert Bill Given of The Wild Source on a writing safari in Botswana. The trip was a roaring success. The next Globejotter adventure up this October, when we wander through one of my favorite countries, Vietnam. We’ll focus on the southern part of the country – bustling Ho Chi Minh City, the lush jungles and friendly villages of the Mekong Delta, and sandy beaches and dunes along the South China Sea.

Botswana 104 Although we have no specific Africa trips planned at the moment, if you can wrangle together a group of four to twelve people, we can also custom design a Botswana safari for you. Or… if you’ve got a group of people with a different destination in mind, drop me an e-mail and let’s talk! I’ve got contacts in lots of places.

I have always traveled with a desire to go beyond the tourist-trodden highlights, meet local people, learn their stories, and experience some new stories of my own. I love helping others travel with the same goals. (For private group tours, I’m also happy to put together tour packages without the writing classes, or with different focuses.)

To learn more about our upcoming Vietnam Writing Tour or Globejotter Tours in general, check out our shiny new website at And to be the first to hear about all of our latest offerings, sign up to receive my free e-mail newsletter using the form on the right. (I hate spam more than tetanus shots, and will never ever ever ever share your e-mail address, sell it, or trade it for camels.)

Published on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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