Keynote Speech: The Joy of Culture Shock

By Dave Fox
Salt Lake City, Utah

I was invited to be the keynote speaker at last month’s Go Learn Travel Expo at the University of Utah. My 35-minute talk included:

  • Thoughts on why we endure dreadfully long plane rides.
  • Tales of moving to England as a child.
  • Tips on how we can live our life like foreign travelers even when we’re at home.
  • The craziest thing anyone has ever said to me when I told him I live in Vietnam.
  • Q&A about what it’s like to live in Vietnam.

Go Learn’s executive director, Christoph Dressler, organized the event and introduced me before my keynote. Christoph told a moving story about growing up in East Germany, and why East Berliners really wanted to go beyond the Wall.

Here’s the video of the event:

This talk was sponsored by Go Learn at the University of Utah. To learn more about Go Learn’s educational travel programs, visit

Published on Friday, March 10, 2017

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