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Dave Fox: Suggested Interview Topics

Hanging with the crew from Channel NewsAsia. (And Coreen, who bakes bread with special herbs ... but this is Singapore, so don't get any wacky ideas.)

Dave hangs out with a Channel NewsAsia crew after an interview for the “First Look Asia” morning news show.

A professional travel author and writing coach, Dave Fox gives lively and informative interviews. (He’s also an award-winning humorist so he knows how to have a fun conversation!) He is happy to talk about anything pertaining to travel and/or writing. Here are a few topics to consider:

  • Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals
  • Is Social Media Killing Your Travels?
  • Destination: Vietnam

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Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals

How do you write a travel diary that fully captures your journey? And how do you simply find time to write when there’s so much else to do on an exciting trip?

“The biggest mistake people make, Dave says, “is they get bogged down in mundane, irrelevant details. Then they get discouraged and quit writing.”

He advises:

  • Write fast and dive deep. Focus on specific details and moments. Don’t waste time describing how you woke up and ate breakfast. (Related article: Speed Journaling.)
  • Scan your senses. If we scan through all of our senses, rather than focusing on our one dominant sense, we discover new insights and richer stories. (Related article: Scan Your Senses.)
  • Pay attention to your “inner journey.” Travel can be a powerful vehicle for personal growth. Journaling about our thoughts and feelings as we explore solidifies the insights we gain, and keeps them alive once we return home. (Related article: The Inner Journey.)

Is Social Media Killing Your Travels?

People have become so obsessed with posting selfies on Facebook, they are failing to absorb the culture and atmosphere that surrounds them.

“At Angkor Wat in Cambodia,” Dave says, “people were taking so many pictures of themselves, they were hardly noticing the mind-blowing temples around them. At a hostel on the South China Sea, people were so wrapped up in their smartphones, they weren’t talking to each other and sharing stories the way travelers used to.”

Social media can play a positive role in our travels, but we must know when and how to use it – and when to disconnect with the Internet and connect with what’s happening around us. (Related articles: Social Media When You Travel and How Facebook is Ruining Solo Travel.)

Destination: Vietnam

Vietnam is still misperceived by some Americans as war-torn and dangerous. In reality, it is one of the safer international destinations these days.

Dave made his first trip to Vietnam in 2008 and fell instantly in love with the country. Last year, after many visits, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City. As a tourist, travel writer, and now a resident, he has explored this large and diverse country thoroughly and is currently writing a book about life on a Ho Chi Minh City street. Dave is passionate about sharing his travel tips and experiences in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia.

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