The Psychology of Writing 2: Stop Procrastinating and Find Time to Write

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By Dave Fox

“The Psychology of Writing 2: Defeat Distractions and Write More” is a time-management course designed especially for writers. It explores the challenges we face when it comes to making time to write, and teaches proven methods to help you get more writing done in our crazy, hyper-distracted world.

  • How do you create writing time in our hectic culture?
  • How do you identify your best times and places to write?
  • How do you manage the wide spectrum of distractions that lure us away from our writing?
  • And how do you happily, peacefully negotiate with the people you love so you get the writing time you need when they keep pulling you away from your writing?

This course answers all of these questions and more.

Writers' Therapy 2 300I also share my personal story of being diagnosed at age 41 with Attention Deficit Disorder. I explain how I’ve managed to publish two bestselling books and hundreds of freelance magazine and newspaper articles, in spite of my frenetic and bouncy mind.The techniques I use to manage my time and be a successful freelance writer will work for anybody, regardless of whether or not they have ADD.

This course also features a special guest appearance from Andy Bombeck, son of the iconic American humor writer, Erma Bombeck. In one of our lessons, Andy joins me via Skype for a lively chat about how his mother worked at home, raised three kids, and wrote more than 4,000 newspaper columns and 15 books in her home office. Andy shares the time-management secrets to his mother’s success and talks about growing up as the son of a legendary American author.

If you wish you were writing more, if you’ve got great ideas in your head that you haven’t managed to get onto the page (or screen), this course will help you create more writing time in your life so you’ll finally finish those writing projects you’ve been dreaming about doing for years!

What’s included?

The course includes more than two hours of video lessons, divided into short, five-to-ten-minute segments you can watch whenever you have a few spare moments. You also get a series of journaling exercises and access to an online classroom where you can share your thoughts with other students and ask me questions. Once you sign up you get lifetime access!

The course normally costs US $20, but if you sign up using the link below, you can get it for $15. This link takes you to the course description page on, where you can watch a couple of lessons free to see if the course is right for you.

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Published on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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