New York Times Lists Popular New Phrases of 2007

By Dave Fox
Seattle, Washington

[This post originally appeared on my Wordsplash blog in 2007.]


wordsplash-home-tmbThe New York Times has published a list of buzzwords and phrases it claims have soared in popular usage in 2007.

I’m not sure I agree all of the 37 phrases on their list have managed to “find a place in the national conversation.” Before reading the article, I was only familiar with two of them: “i-reporter” and “forever stamp.” Other words on the list, which are certainly not in my everyday conversation, include “astronaut diaper,” “nose bidet,” and “vegansexual.” Nevertheless, it’s a fun list to read.

You’ll find all 37 phrases and their alleged definitions at

Published on Monday, December 24, 2007

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