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If you’ve read the Amazon Kindle edition or the second paperback edition (the one with the cow on the cover) of the bestselling travel humor book, Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad” by Dave Fox, you’ve likely missed some of Dave’s favorite stories.

The first edition of “Getting Lost” (with the sheep cover) was self-published. Two years later, when Dave signed a deal with Inkwater Press to release the second edition, he and the editors decided to cut 12 short chapters at the end — not because they didn’t like them, but because the stories didn’t flow with the rest of the book’s tone. Whereas most of Getting Lost reads like a memoir, these chapters were shorter, stand-alone travel humor tales.

These “deleted scenes” have remained some of Dave’s most popular tales, however, so he’s flinging them back into the world on Kindle. Introducing Loster: Hilarious Travel Tales Rescued from the Elusive First Edition of “Getting Lost.”

Come along for the ride as Dave is charged by a confused sheep in Dingle, Ireland, gets naked and hides from scolding grannies on a ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki, and discovers in France’s Provence region that quacking like a duck can improve one’s mental health. This e-book also includes the original ending of “Getting Lost,” in which Dave worries space critters from Planet Zloog might be coming for him. (Dave’s editor advised him not to speculate on the Zloogians in the second edition as she worried it might rile them up.)

Also out now as a Kindle Single is “Kinky Chipmunks and Horny Goblins: Approximately 10 Funny Stories.” This is Dave’s first humor book that’s not about travel. It includes approximately ten of his favorite humor columns from the last decade, as well as a never-before-published, controversial exposé on whether the number 10 is really as freaking important as we all seem to think.

Download these books today, and get ready to laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose — even if you’re not drinking milk.



Published on Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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