One Take Wednesday: Justin Bieber’s Travel Diaries!

By Dave Fox
August 14, 2013

Justin Bieber in concert. (Photo by Joe Bielawa / Creative Commons license via Wikipedia)

Justin Bieber in concert, apparently feeling a little itchy. (Photo: Joe Bielawa / Creative Commons license via Wikipedia)

If you’re a regular visitor to this website, you know there are a couple of things in life I’m passionate about. One is my love for travel journaling. The other is my scorn for Justin Bieber.

I’ve written some mean-spirited things about Justin Bieber in the past. But after reading a recent article in the British newspaper, The Express, I’m facing a conundrum.

Welcome to Episode Three of One-Take Wednesdays — my longest and most humiliating video to date. As per my rule, I shot this all in one take, but I spliced a couple of sections out because, seriously, how much commentary does anyone want to hear about Justin Bieber?

But hey, if you make it through the entire seven minutes, you might win Justin Bieber’s unclaimed copy of my book about travel journaling.

Here’s the video… followed by some other YouTube videos referenced in this episode. Be afraid. Be extremely, pants-pissingly afraid.


Justin Bieber’s infamous interview about German basketball on New Zealand television:


And if you have way too much time on your hands, check out this documentary about how police in Oslo, Norway, were overrun by thousands of screaming teenage girls when Justin Bieber played a live concert there:

Published on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Response to “One Take Wednesday: Justin Bieber’s Travel Diaries!”

  1. Joan Lindsay Kerr
    October 11, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    Dave, I already have two Globejotting books (one autographed by you…thanks!), so I am not entering your contest. But I must tell you that I laughed loudly at your video of Justin Bieber singing about his concerts. Making up lyrics on the spot! You are a man of many talents!

    Also just watched your One Take Wed. from yesterday (Oct. 9) and have to add, gee, Dave, when are you NOT over-extended?! I think I’m working hard and then I hear about your schedule and feel like I’m just a slacker!

    Can’t wait for your Vietnam stories!

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