One-Take Wednesdays: When Overachieving Underachieves

And a New Fire at Saigon’s Iconic “Crazy Buffalo” Bar

By Dave Fox

Six weeks ago, I rolled out “One-Take Wednesdays,” a new weekly video segment on I now present to you my fourth video in the segment.

The world's largest neon buffalo has gone up in flames... again. Further proof the bar is haunted?

Ghost arson? The world’s largest neon buffalo has gone up in flames… again.

I’ll let you do the math there. Something’s been missing, and in this week’s installment, I explain why.

Also: An update on my writing projects, my imminent return to Borneo and Saigon, and, in case you missed it last week, info on how you can win Justin Bieber’s personal copy of my book. (But don’t panic. There are no Justin Bieber imitations this week.)

Plus: Another big fire at the Crazy Buffalo Bar in Saigon this past week. Further proof the building is haunted?

Watch my video below, and someone else’s video of the latest Crazy Buffalo fire belower.

 The Crazy Buffalo bar, mentioned in the video has what I am pretty sure is the world’s largest neon buffalo sign. (If you know of one that’s larger, please e-mail me!) I shot this video clip below of the original neon sign about four years ago.

Neighborhood residents have told me the original sign was destroyed in a fire last year; however, according to an article on, owners of the bar have denied that fire occurred. Regardless, the first neon buffalo was replaced last October with an ever-so-slightly smaller buffalo… which burned last week. The clip below mine is of the newer sign going up in flames.

Before it was the Crazy Buffalo Bar, it was the Quyen Thanh Hotel, where 17 US dollars a night got you a clean room with air conditioning, satellite TV, a minibar, and the coolest balcony in Saigon.

The Quyen Thanh Hotel in 2009

The Quyen Thanh in 2009


The Crazy Buffalo in 2010.

The Crazy Buffalo in 2010.


Published on Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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