Dave’s popular online humor writing course is now available in a new budget-friendly version!

Humor writing online courses

Contrary to popular belief, a “sense of humor” is not a magical “gift” a few special people are born with. Humor and writing are skills anyone can develop. In this online workshop, award-winning humorist and bestselling author Dave Fox teaches you how!

Discover the techniques professional comedy writers use to write consistently funny material. You’ll learn how to think, write, and be funnier. These techniques also work wonderfully for public speakers. Your audiences will remain awake, alert, and free of boredom-induced drool.

Dave Fox’s popular humor writing workshop is open to writers of all skill levels.¬†You can start whenever you like and complete the lessons at your own pace. Now available in both a low-budget, do-it-yourself version, and a deluxe “Class Clown” edition with in-depth humor critiques, this re-formatted and improved online humor writing class will teach you how to make people laugh so hard, milk will shoot out of their nostrils… even when they’re not drinking milk.

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