Photographing Strangers

Ask Before You Shoot? I Do, and Here’s Why

By Dave Fox

Do you like to take pictures of people when you travel? How do you approach those people?

In my latest article for Singapore Airlines and their SilverKris blog, I write about the etiquette of photographing strangers — and why approaching them first rather than going for those anonymous, candid shots, isn’t just the appropriate thing to do; it can also lead to richer travel encounters.


I tell the story of an experience I had photographing monks at a monastery in Burma, and why my photo will be more meaningful than the photo of the tourist who interrupted us.

(SilverKris doesn’t include photos with their blog entries, so here’s the photo in question. Some of the monks have turned to look at another photographer while two stay focused on me. Look closely at the pillar and you’ll notice the other photographer’s shadow. Read the article, and you’ll get why I don’t care that he might have gotten a better photograph.)

You can read the full story here.

Published on Monday, December 2, 2013

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