The Globejotting Podcast with Dave Fox: Program Notes

Welcome to the Program Notes page for the Globejotting Podcast! Here, you’ll find descriptions of each episode, links to websites mentioned in each episode, and other resources.

Episode 1: Selling Everything to Travel the World
Guests: Betsy and Warren Talbot

Betsy and Warren Talbot from Married With Luggage talk about why and how they sold or gave away virtually they everything they owned, and started roaming the planet with their only remaining possessions in a couple of small backpacks. After 27 months on the road, they’ve explored five continents and published three books… and they say they’re just getting started.

Warren and Betsy’s websites:

  • The ongoing tale of Warren and Betsy’s saga, plus tips that will motivate you to pursue your own dreams, whatever they might be.
  • Warren and Betsy’s ’round the world expense report site shows how they budget their funds as they wander the planet. Find out how much money they need to live in various countries so you can budget for your own adventure!
Books by Warren and Betsy Talbot:

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