Other Stuff You Can Do for Free

By Dave Fox

Police in Hayward, California, have arrested a man accused of making more than 27,000 bogus calls to 911.

John Triplette allegedly started making the calls last May from his cell phone, KTVU Television reports. When 911 dispatchers answered Triplette’s calls, they would hear “bodily noises, muttering, and… beep tones.” Triplettes calls delayed operators in answering real emergency calls, according to KTVU.

Let’s do the math here. Triplette is accused of making 27,000 calls since last May — divided by nine months, divided by roughly 30 days in a month, which comes out to… about 100 calls per day?!?!

Why did Triplette say he made all the calls?

“Because it’s free,” he said.

Dude, here are some other things that are free:

  • Taking a walk
  • Volunteering at your local homeless shelter
  • Whacking yourself on the head with a hammer, very hard, over and over

Next time, try one of those instead.

Published on Sunday, February 17, 2008

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