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The Globejotting Travel Show is a radio program hosted by travel writer Dave Fox. The show features travel tips, travel tales, travel news, and reports from destinations around the world.

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Dave Fox hosts the Globejotting Travel Show on Expat Radio.

The first episode launched on Tuesday, October 31, 2017, on Expat Radio, an English-language Internet radio station based in France that streams its programming, 24 hours a day. When new episodes are released, they will be available here.

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We are currently looking for guests, topic suggestions, and amazing travel tales to include on the program. Dave is also happy to answer listeners’ travel questions during his show. If you’ve got thoughts, ideas, questions, or you just feel like saying hi, you can e-mail Dave here.

Listen on the first and third Tuesday (or Wednesday) of each month at the following times:

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Paris  Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
Saigon  Wednesdays at 2 a.m.
Singapore Wednesdays at 3 a.m.
Sydney Wednesdays at 5 a.m.


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Episode 8 – Borderline Insanity

If you love international travel, you’ve probably crossed a few borders in your days. Usually those crossings go smoothly, but occasionally, they can go ridiculously awry. On this month’s episode of the Globejotting Travel Show, listeners share their most insane stories of border crossings and police encounters.

Tara Swenson was going through airport security when German police informed her they had detected explosives in her carry-on bag. You won’t believe what they busted her for after conducting a thorough search.

Joe Laumer rode his motorbike from Uzbekistan into Kazakhstan. When he tried to change money at the border, he ended up in a full-blown wrestling match on the floor – in a pile of cash

On the island of Borneo, Kate Werner was attacked by centipedes, chased by monkeys, and stopped on the road at gunpoint (by humans, not monkeys or centipedes) – all in 72 hours.

Tara, Joe, and Kate join Dave Fox to share their stories of “Borderline Insanity.”

Listen to episode eight and read the program notes.


Episode 7 – Stuck at the Airport with Harriet Baskas

Changi Airport in Singapore (Photo: Harriet Baskas)

There’s an old cliché in the travel world: It’s not the destination. It’s the journey. That might be true, but there’s part of the journey a lot of travelers hate: Sitting at airports.

If you’re one of those people, you don’t want to miss this episode of the Globejotting Travel Show. Dave interviews Harriet Baskas, a USA Today travel columnist who specializes in airports and runs the Stuck at the Airport website. Harriet loves airports so much that whenever she travels, she allows extra time to explore them. She shares tips on how to make your time at the airport a fun adventure instead of a headache.

Also: From 1953 to 1970, United Airlines offered special men-only flights that featured steak, whiskey, and cigars. Travel humorist Kirsten Koza joins us to talk about the absurdity of it all, as well as a bizarre way female flight attendants used to deal with gropey male passengers, as well as pending sexual harassment allegations at Air Canada.

Dave wraps things up with a celebration of the ten-year anniversary of his first visit to Vietnam and explains how crossing the road one night in Saigon changed his life.

Listen to episode seven and read the program notes.


Episode 6 – The Children of Angkor Wat: A Child Beggar’s Success Story

Nita (red shirt) at the Phnom Penh orphanage where she lived in the late 1980s.

If you visit the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia, something you’ll see is young children selling souvenirs or begging for money. A lot of travelers are unsure about the best way to handle these encounters.

Our guest on this episode of the Globejotting Travel Show has a unique perspective. Nita Courtney used to be one of those kids. As a young child, Nita had to beg for money on the streets of Siem Reap to help feed her family.

Eventually, it was tourism that helped her break free from the cycle of poverty. She shares her story, as well as her thoughts on things travelers can do to help children in impoverished areas – and things we shouldn’t do.

Also on this episode: The world’s first “beer hotel” is about to open in Scotland. An American man falls asleep and takes a $1,635 Uber ride. And listeners ask questions about Vietnam tourist visas and best mobile phone options for a multi-continent travel adventure.

Listen to episode six and read the program notes.


Episode 5 – Shannon Leone Fowler on her new book, Traveling with Ghosts

In 2002, Shannon Leone Fowler was swimming in the Gulf of Thailand when her fiancé, Sean, was stung by a highly venomous box jellyfish. Sean died almost instantly on the beach. Shannon has written a stirring memoir about the incident. In “Traveling with Ghosts,” she tells her story not only of that moment on the beach on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, but also of the bureaucracy she faced in the aftermath, the kindness of two young travelers who stepped in to help her, and how her subsequent travels in some other grief-stricken parts of the world gave her new perspectives on loss, kindness, resilience, and emotional recovery. Shannon talks with Dave via Skype from her home in London.

We also have a tribute to South African trumpeter, vocalist, and anti-Apartheid activist Hugh Masakela, who died last month of prostate cancer at age 78.

Listen to episode five and read the program notes.


Episode 4 – Rethinking Africa’s Safari Industry and a Tribute to South African Musical Hero Johnny Clegg

African wildlife biologist Bill Given talks about his mission to shake up the safari industry. Bill is partnering with three unique safari camps in Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania in an effort to encourage more local ownership. He explains why he thinks this is so important, and he shares tips on how to choose the best places to go and the best time of year for your first African safari. Also on this week’s show, a tribute to a heroic African musician. After decades of song-and-dance-fuelled political activism in South Africa, Johnny Clegg is about to play his final concert in his adopted homeland.

Listen to episode four and read the program notes.


Episode 3 – Kirsten Koza on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Her 1977 Summer Camp Trip to the USSR

A “ghost ship” rusts in a puddle of water that used to be the Aral Sea. (Photo: Kirsten Koza)

Canadian travel humorist Kirsten Koza joins us to talk about her recent travels in Kazakhstan, where she was on a quest to discover “ghost ships,” rusting in the desert where the Aral Sea used to exist. She also tells us about naked wrestling on horses in Kyrgyzstan. In part two of the program, Kirsten shares anecdotes from her hilarious travel memoir, Lost in Moscow: A Brat in the USSR, about her 1977 experience at a Young Communist League summer camp in the Soviet Union when she was 11 years old. We also listen to a tune from one of Kazakhstan’s hottest boy bands and learn about Boris Grebenshikov, one of the founding fathers of Soviet era rock and roll.

Listen to episode three and read the program notes.


Episode 2 – Uluru in Australia and Invisible Monks in Laos

Uluru in Australia’s Northern Territory. (Photo: Marc Feipel / Public Domain)

Park managers and traditional owners who administer Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) have just announced that beginning in October, 2019, visitors will no longer be allowed to climb one of Australia’s most iconic structures. The decision was based on both safety concerns and sensitivity to local Aboriginal groups. Steve Baldwin, Manager of Park Operations at Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park, joins us via Skype from the Australian Outback to discuss the decision and to talk about what visitors to the area can still enjoy. Also, Dave shares a story from his Christmas vacation last year about an encounter in Luang Prabang, Laos, with some invisible monks.

Listen to episode two and read the program notes.


Episode 1 – Travel Serendipity and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Brian Letwin, founder of the Saigoneer website, joins Dave to share his tips for travel in Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of Vietnam. Dave also explains how a freakish conversation in France led to the creation of his new radio show, and he tells tales from Malaysia, Norway, Wisconsin, and beyond, of some of his other incredible, serendipitous travel coincidences. Plus … find out how you can win free enrollment in Dave’s online travel journaling and freelance travel writing workshops.

Listen to episode one and read the program notes.


About Dave Fox

Dave Fox is a travel writer, a writing coach, and a certified life coach who specializes in the personal and cultural challenges expats face when living in foreign countries. Originally from the United States, he has lived in England, Norway, Turkey, and Singapore. Since 2015, he has been based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Dave is the author of two bestselling travel books. He is currently working on a new book, The Ghosts of Bùi Viện Street, about the changing face of life in Saigon’s backpacker ghetto. His writing has also appeared in books by Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, and Travelers Tales, as well as a wide variety of newspapers and magazines in North America and Asia.

Dave has been a featured expert on travel and world culture on National Public Radio in the United States, ABC Radio in Australia, the History Channel, and the Singapore-based television news network, Channel NewsAsia. Before moving to Southeast Asia in 2011, Dave worked for 16 years as a tour guide, travel consultant, and website editor for European travel expert Rick Steves.

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