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Episode 6: The Children of Angkor Wat – A Former Beggar’s Success Story

Original Stream Date: March 6, 2018

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Nita (red shirt) at the Phnom Penh orphanage where she lived in the late 1980s.

If you visit the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia, something you’ll see is young children selling souvenirs or begging for money. A lot of travelers are unsure about the best way to handle these encounters.

Our guest on this episode of the Globejotting Travel Show has a unique perspective. Nita Courtney used to be one of those kids. As a young child, Nita had to beg for money on the streets of Siem Reap to help feed her family.

Eventually, it was tourism that helped her break free from the cycle of poverty. She shares her story, as well as her thoughts on things travelers can do to help children in impoverished areas – and things we shouldn’t do.

Also on this episode: The world’s first “beer hotel” is about to open in Scotland. An American man falls asleep and takes a $1,635 Uber ride. And listeners ask questions about Vietnam tourist visas and best mobile phone options for a multi-continent travel adventure.

Program Notes

Nita Courtney

  • Nita today with her husband, Casey, in Siem Reap.

    In our interview, we discuss The Shoe that Grows, a company that has designed shoes with adjustable sizing that can be donated to children in economically disadvantaged areas and situations. Learn more here. 

  • Nita recommends a couple of off-the-beaten-path sights worth visiting within an hour or two of Siem Reap. The Koh Ker Temple is located between Siem Reap and the border of Preah Vihear Province. Farther away from Siem Reap but still do-able as a daytrip from Siem Reap is the Boeung Mealea Temple and the surrounding village of Boeung Mealea.
  • Nita also mentions an English-speaking tour guide in Siem Reap who she recommends. His name is Mr. Khieu Thy. You can e-mail him here.

Nita and Dave also talk about Chris and Monica Graff. Monica is one of Dave’s travel writing students. She and Chris visited Cambodia in 2016 and recently donated a large number of “Shoes that Grow” to Cambodia. You can read Monica’s three-part blog series from their time in Cambodia here:

Learn more about Dave’s online travel writing courses here.


The World’s First Beer Hotel

The BrewDog Brewery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has announced that in 2019, it will open the “world’s first craft beer hotel” in 2019. The Dog House Hotel will overlook the BrewDog Brewery, and will feature beer taps in each of the 26 rooms and a beer fridge in every shower. The brewery also plans to open a beer hotel next to their US brewing facility in Columbus, Ohio.


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