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Episode 8: Listener Travel Tales ~ Borderline Insanity

Original Stream Date: May 1, 2018

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Tara Swenson looks more colorful when she’s not being interrogated.

If you love international travel, you’ve probably crossed a few borders in your days. Usually those crossings go smoothly, but occasionally, they can go ridiculously awry. On this month’s episode of the Globejotting Travel Show, listeners share their most insane stories of border crossings and police encounters.

Tara Swenson was going through airport security when German police informed her they had detected explosives in her carry-on bag. You won’t believe what they busted her for after conducting a thorough search.

Joe Laumer rode his motorbike from Uzbekistan into Kazakhstan. When he tried to change money at the border, he ended up in a full-blown wrestling match on the floor – in a pile of cash

Sign: Beware of MacaqueOn the island of Borneo, Kate Werner was attacked by centipedes, chased by monkeys, and stopped on the road at gunpoint (by humans, not monkeys or centipedes) – all in 72 hours.

Tara, Joe, and Kate join Dave Fox to divulge their stories of “Borderline Insanity.”


Program Notes


Tara Swenson (our poster child for this episode — pictured above) calls Seattle home with husband Dan and her two young daughters. When she’s not being interrogated by German police officers, she guides tours for Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door and works with the Hannah Strong Foundation to raise awareness against child abuse.

Joe Laumer married his wife, Valerie, in Bangkok after a month-long motorcycle ride across the Himalayas.

Joe Laumer is a global motorcycle adventurer from Cleveland, Ohio. In 2007, he rode 8,000 miles (nearly 13,000 km) in 52 days from Turkey to China. “I have been pleasantly surprised how open and generous strangers can be when you are traveling on two wheels,” he says.

Kate Werner (shown below) is a science and learning support teacher at an international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She plans to move back to the United States this summer and is looking forward to trading leeches for black bears.


More on Borneo

Kate Werner (right) and her friend Jodi Fetterolf during one of their more serene moments in Borneo.

Despite Kate’s various run-ins with leeches, monkeys, fugitives, and more, Borneo is one of Dave’s favorite destinations! If you’d like to learn more about traveling there, check out these articles by Dave and his wife, Kattina.

Dave has also written these articles for the Straits Times in Singapore:

  • Lessons on Marine Life: On Gaya Island, off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, Dave befriends a rescued sea turtle and learns about the sex lives of fish.
  • Jamming in the Jungle: Another report from the Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak.


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