Search Engine Mayhem

I don’t pay much attention to the statistics for my website, but I just took a look, and here are some of the search engine queries that have brought people here this month:

  • Very interesting questions
  • How to make love
  • Women and girl sexsexsex
  • Men in sauna naked
  • Bathroom sign please put the seat down
  • Keiko the whale tricks
  • Hookers Istanbul where
  • Peasant class travel
  • Dave the prostitute
  • If it rains we won’t go
  • How to see green fairies
  • Atkins Diet sweating
  • Atkins palpitations
  • Why is Iceland getting bigger
  • Spotting dangerous fridge freezers
  • How long should I soak my feet in beer
  • How to extract embedded glass splinter from finger
  • Stuffed Jesus doll
  • Why do they treat people in coach like peasants?
  • How to write letters to your predators
  • Glass went in my foot and now I have pain
  • Can you die from the Atkins Diet
  • Mirowave bagel smokeing dangerous smoke?  [sic]
  • Dave Fox porn
  • Cheered for Binky
  • Turkish girl bought me a present
  • Can you get mimosas on a first class flight
  • Hooters hiring standards

And that’s just the first 19 days in May. I’m not sure what this all says about me and my website. You be the judge. I’m thinking it could be an interesting fiction writing assignment to come up with a story using all of the above phrases.

Published on Thursday, May 20, 2010

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  1. September 5, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    Oh my that is a funny list. I think I’d be a bit paranoid if I found in my search log “my name + porn”. You know now that you will get even more searches for these terms now that you have published them.

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