By Dave Fox
Seattle, Washington

Introducing the latest way to squander money on completely useless technology!
is now offering foreign language lessons via SMS — mobile phone text messaging. For 24 dollars, they will send you a phrase a day — a total of 100 phrases in your choice of Spanish, French, Italian, German, or English.

Or… you could buy a phrase book with more than a thousand phrases for eight bucks.

Having studied linguistics and language learning techniques myself, learning a foreign language via text messaging sounds about as effective as learning a foreign language from a walrus.

What’s next? The SMS School of Driving?


[Update: This post appeared on my blog in 2006, before “smart phones” had evolved. In October, 2013, I checked the website mentioned above. It no longer exists and the domain is available for sale.]

Published on Friday, November 10, 2006

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