There’s Something Soggy in Denmark

By Dave Fox
Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is experiencing torrential rains and flooded streets today. Before our walking tour of the city, I passed out snorkles.

Tomorrow, the rain is expected to taper off. Then, forecasts say, the 50+ mile per hour wind gusts shall commence… just as my tour group boards the little ferry to the island of Ærø, 75 minutes south of the “mainland.” (The main part of Denmark is really a peninsula plus two big islands, so the word “mainland” is not entirely accurate.)

Yes… 50 mile per hour winds, high seas, puking tourists. I am excited.

In preparation for this event, I went to a pharmacy today in search of Dramamine. Dramamine is not available in Denmark. They have something else, which the pharmacist assured me is both safe and effective. Okay, fine, but due to our lawsuit-obsessed society back in the States, I am not supposed to give non-American medicine to my American tour members.

It’s a difficult dilemma. I do pass out seasickness medicine; they sue the company. I don’t, and they vomit on me.

If the issue were that simple, the solution would be obvious. I don’t pay personally if the company gets sued, but I do have to pay to replace my ruined shirt. But I’m convinced seasickness is partially a state of mind. Suggest to people that they should take precautions, and the threat of nausea is enough to trigger it.

Published on Friday, July 6, 2007

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